What finish does the gnarwhal have?

What finish does it have that makes it so smooth and wh other yoyos have this type of finish?

The gnarwal has a different finish then other CLYW throws?

I own a gnarwal and I played a Gnar 2 and I didn’t notice anything different. CLYW throws are just nice and grind smooth like that.

Im asking because I tried a gnarwhal a couple days ago and I really liked the size of it. Even thought it’s small I found it stable enough for my liking. It was fun to play something that wasn’t an oversized throw but still be stable with a really nice finish. I have heard that yoyos have different types of finish or coating that have specific names such as bead blast.

Ah, I see. Yeah, all CLYW throws have that nice finish.

Grunbull finish is what it’s called. It’s really nice

I believe Gruntbull’s blast is a straight-up bead blast.

Tonnes of other yoyos have a finish like this. I mean, heaps. I actually prefer Werrd’s blasted finish (at least on the Minute)… I don’t know what on earth they do to it, but it feels slippery almost. Yet it’s just blasted ano! Magic, I say.

The irony JP is probably yhe best grinding yoyo ive ever played. I think its a tumbled finish or something like that i forgot the name. I dont think its a blast. But maybe thats just the JP

ILYY has some awesome blasts as well. They feel really nice and great for grinds. Go look at them as well.