What european yo yo retailers do you know?


European retailers that sell internationally needed :slight_smile:

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Please don’t talk about other stores or ask about them on a forum sponsored by a store. Thanks.

Hahaha a thread dedicated to this made me laugh. In beforethe lock. Ive seen people mention other stores and get in trouble for it in replies, but not an entire thread.

Besides, why would you need another store besides yoyo expert?

He just wants cheap an faster shipping.

BUT, it is against the rules to post about other Yoyo stores besides Yoyoexpert.

Sorry :confused:

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Because even though yoyoexpert has the perfect choice of yo-yos, the shipping to europe costs are tooo much for me :c

I don’t think it’s that difficult to use Google to find a store.

Also, YoYoSkills, a yoyo news and blog site, lists many other retailers.

i know what you mean bro.

also, idk how about Lithuania, but in Latvia import taxes from non-EU countries are quite unpleasant.

i’ll PM you EU retailers i’ve used :wink:

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paulsanics to the rescue!