How can I buy from Europe online?


There are no yo-yo oriented shops here.

So how should I buy from Europe (Lithuania) if I have never shopped online before?


Walk to YYE’s headquarters in Massachusetts.


Troll ;D

Now help? Anyone? Someone? ::slight_smile:


Buy something from YYE and ship it to where you live.


First, you will need an account on YoYoExpert’s store to be able to purchase something, I think. It’s free. It’s not tied to the forum login, so you will need to make a separate account. It will contain your address and other stuff.

Figure out what you want.

Contact YYE for lower-priced shipping options. They may be limited.

They’ll do anything they can to help you place your order and save you on shipping if they can.

YYE ships all around the world.

Not to re-direct the thread, but due to high international shipping(not just here, but anywhere), you my wish to find a European retailer. Or maybe Asian. Even so, YYE has an excellent selection so you may wish to shop and buy from here too.


This is the first online yo-yo store I have found, I have no idea where to even start looking fora retailer ???


PM’d you a list of some stores you might find closer/easier/cheaper to order from.


How about, you use YYE. Now that would be fantastic, wouldn’t it? ;D ;D