what does yellow taste like?

This is a question i have asked many people and have got many different answers. some people say mustard some say lemons what do you think

Colors don’t affect your taste or smell.

Yellow has no taste.

It’s a color.

Color has no taste.

So, I think yellow tastes well it doesn’t.

Yellow tastes like the number seven smells

Batman. I have also found that purple can smell like Batman if aged correctly.

Synesthesia causes people to do things like taste colors, see smells, etc. It can be caused by bad brain chemistry, brain damage, or hallucinogenic drugs. I was at a hookah bar several years ago with my friends and I believe someone snuck something besides tobacco in there. It tasted like purple. You really can’t describe the taste of a color as something else’s flavor. Colors have been described as emotions though. Purple tasted like a calming joy. I’ve heard that yellow tastes like excited happiness, or sunshine for some people.

Hope this answered your question, I know it’s a weird answer. Also, I never smoked hookah after that again, I got very sick in case you were curious.

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i was hoping for more answers like hippo’s but i learned a lot thanks

Tastes like number 1.

Hippos avatar said it all… BA-NA-NA.


That sort of vaguely lemon-flavored sweetness that you get from low calorie and zero sugar desserts.

Correction. I think Yellow tastes like what pee smells like.

Yellow tastes like green but slightly more bitter. :slight_smile:

Sounds oddly similar to the back of Discworld books…