What does your yoyo taste like?

May seem strange, but its something that was brought up in a discussion recently.
Some of us use certain fragrances on our bodies that end up on our hands, and thus on the yoyo, which can make certain plastics aquire a bit of a taste for a short time. Some coatings and finishes have other flavors.



Hm, my anodized yoyos taste, well, like nothing, but sometimes like smoke.
My nickel plated yoyos taste heavily like metal.
My raw yoyos taste like metal polish.
My plastic yoyos mostly don’t taste like anything, but sometimes like lube.

C’mon, now, this is a family show! :wink:

I set my self up for that one haha.

-_- ewww lol

What about your powdercoats?

Like mullicabob :wink:

Taste like chicken

Mine tastes like yoyo.


If they taste like anything at all, I suspect that most of mine would taste like coffee.


Mine taste like flowable silicone. I just sliliconed mine general yo torrent 2 for the first time more or less sliliconing any Yoyo.

is it a minty mint chief?

Oh god I can’t seriously do this.

I’m trying to keep a straight face while licking my yoyo.


I don’t know where my yoyos have been. I am not licking them.

Tastes like shame and capitulance. And wood.

I wash my hands excessively, so, probably nothing.

by your description of the yoyo’s taste, my guess is that you missed the silicone groove and ended up siliconing the entire thing…