If yoyos had a scent would yours be




Burnt metal.


Rosin powder.


Any chance you guys are high on something?
Fried Chicken


Why would you smell your yoyo…


A nice strong espresso. Mainly because with the amount of coffee I drink, the stuff is probably seeping out of my pores XD



You should see a doctor about this one O_o


Cherries or coconut maybe

(Ian) #9

Pure adrenaline.

(JET) #10

The forest or clean cold air




Purely because it’s the scent I wear and I want my yoyos to smell like me. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d have mine smell like orangey goodness. Mmmmm… A Format: C with orangey goodness…

(Former National 4A Champion) #13

To see what it looks like of course


Burnt toast


Soldered copper pipe


The YoyoExpert editions would smell like strawberry shortcake. They would be scratch and sniff too. I’d be scratching them between throws, and might even get a good whiff during grinds. :wink:


Mine would be cinnamon

(Yoyo_Master) #18

This topic really interest me considering I’m a bowler. I bowl competitively and have been bowling for ten years now. I’m now 16 and started bowling when I was 6. Anyways a bowling company called “Storm” has used this idea on many of their bowling balls giving them a scent. Some have been scented with cinnamon and other have been scented with blueberry and many other things too. If it’s possible for a high quality bowling ball to be scented then I suspect that yoyos may be able to be scented too.

Back to answering your question… I would choose a vanilla scent for my yoyos

(Zammy Ickler ) #19

I’d love yoyos to smell like lavendar scented candles.

Ironically this reminds me of a story:

When I went to Worlds 2011, someone had candle wax in the inside of their rims so every time I would walk up to him I’d pretend to be an addict and be like “I need another hit” and would take a good wiff of the yoyo.

Aha. Good times.


Essence of wild boar with just a hint of cat spray