Scented YoYo?

Wouldn’t it be the coolest thing ever if when you threw down a yoyo, a scent came out? A scented yoyo would seriously be so awesome! Have different scents like Orange, Cherry, Mint, Root Beer and hey, why not a funny one? Like Fart scent!

Mmmmm, aluminum.

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You can buy a scented bowling ball!!!

I suppose it would be kinda neet, maybe my pockets wouldn’t smell so bad then.

you could just put a scratch n’ sniff sticker on your response system.

Go outside with a metal and Walk the Dog on your driveway. Burnt anno is the best smell ever.


hahahaha, i wouldn’t do that with my metals :wink:

It would probably end up smelling like sweaty hands…

your a little late on that Idea… My scented 1drop yoyo smells just like metal!

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OMG!!! Me too!!!

burning ano is good enough for me lol

Idk about the yoyo being scented, maybe something more changeable like response pads or string…

Actually the string is not a bad idea.

i suppose if you really want a scented yoyo you could use cologne …

And I was all ready to post this… but you got here first.

Scented string? How about flavorful string? Dental floss anyone

Scented yoyo would be cool, but i never smell my yoyos… if it was too powerful it would be annoying. But i love my scented bowling ball.

Yeah, spray some Lysol around just before you yoyo.

Believe it or not. I am working on some stuff! Like: Scented String and Scented Response pads. Thanks for the ideas some of you. I don’t care if you don’t take me seriously, but I am really into it.

Haha! I bet there’s some interesting string tricks waiting to be discovered…Jamaican Flag a la mode?