Yoyo stinks



I got Trevor’s painted Peak from this kid a few days ago and I love it to death already but the problem is that it smells like unwashed armpit.

I took it apart and scrubbed it with soap and washed it with water, rubbed it with dryer sheets, and even stuck in a freezer (lol, I don’t even know why I did that… thought the cold would get it off). It didn’t work and it still smells like gang green.

Anyway, do you guys know if there’s a way to clean yoyos without dipping it in harsh chemicals? I don’t want the paint to come off so I’m being extra careful as it’s chipping profusely already.


Lol… Stinky peak…


Leave it in a bag of charcoal for a few hours.

FYI- stinky underarms smell like a bag of onions. It’s also weird that everyone’s BO has a similar smell. Kind of funny right?


Soak it in Soy Sauce! Lol

Or Catsup

Or, if it actually smells like an Armpit, coat it with Deoderant.

And now a whole New category of yoyo condition emerges. Mint or not mint. Wobble or no wobble. Vibe or no/or minimum vibe. Drummmmmmmm Roll please <> Does the yoyo Smell like a Rose or STINK like an armpit?

No doubt the guy you got it from was well aware the yoyo smelled ‘funny’. That Reality also smells like an Armpit.


Mo… catsup scares the spirits away lol


This reminds of an episode of Seinfeld where his car smelled like BO because the vallet guy had BO and he couldn’t get rid of the car!


FF: BO is actually caused by bacteria eating the oily sweat that our body produces and then flatulating. So our BO smells similar because it’ all bacteria fart… :wink:


Frebreeze goes a long way bro, i used to spray my clothes with it before i went to school, had all the ladies huggin me sayin “sammy you smell soooo goood” ahahahahaha


I use dat Ozium. Not on clothes though


Counter it with your own armpit stench.


ayyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :slight_smile:


Trevor marked his territory.


put your own scent on it…

go to walmart candle section… they have a section of essences or extracts that people use to make their own scented candles and stuff… pick one that smells good… rub on the yoyo for a bit… let the smell soak into it a bit… wipe off the excess …

you could use mint smell and it will forever be a “minty throw”


Hmmm, would baking soda be to abrasive? I bought my house from an Indian couple, and everything smelled like curry. I had to scrub down the inside of the fridge with water and baking soda. Took me a month to get rid of that smell. :stuck_out_tongue: