haven't noticed this before

I was doing some 3a, and both yoyos came in contact for about three seconds, and I smelled metal burning. I’m sure I should totally have experienced this before but it’s a first for me.

i believe it s just the anodizing coming off loose. I get this when i try to fingerspin a yyr

This is happened to me before just when I hit certain yoyos against a table or (and this has happened a few times) a laptop screen.

I do believe it’s just the ano as well. I’m pretty positive.

Probably. I actually now remember a few other times but it was just weird considering I’ve been yoyoing 4+ years.

Yeah it’s the anno.

Honestly, I really like the smell haha

Same. It’s kind of calming in its own twisted way.

It’s kind of like burning french fries a tiny bit but then you end up being fine with it because they’re so crispy.

If that makes sense.

YYO Dashers.

Nuff said.