burning anno


I hear that annodization burns. Does that mean you can burn it off?


It smells burnt when the yoyo clashes with something.


No it doesn’t burn. It’s a metal oxide on the surface. If you get the yoyo hot enough to burn the aluminum, yes it probably will, along w/the rest of the yoyo. And I’ve never seen an anodized piece of aluminum spark or smell burnt when hit w/something in all of my vast experience.


Have you ever done 3a with metals?


Thank you!!

(Edmeister) #6

The only way to get the Anodization off without hurting the yoyo is using Chemical stripping or Sanding it
Of course their are other ways but these are the most used / recommended ways.


No. But in my experience aluminum does not spark. Steel, yes, aluminum no.


The anodize can spark if it clashes hard with metal or glass.


I once hit my spinning entheos with my friends avalanche and it smelled burnt. And I wouldn’t go burning your yoyos.




Anodize does, aluminum doesn’t.


I do alot of 3a and 5a, sometimes i just screw with cheap metals like the jk for the heck of it. Throwvem on the foor and purposely burm ano for the smell. Never have i seen a spark


I’ve hit a tile hard enough to see a tiny spark. Although it was quite dark.