Ti anodizing (One free slot left!)

If anyone is willing, I will attempt to give their Ti yoyo an anodizing job. If it is successful, you get a free ano job. If I mess up, no harm is done and the yoyo is stripped of its failed ano. unless the yoyo is polished, the anodizing cannot do any harm at all, even if I mess up. I simply have nothing to learn anodizing on. :wink:

Buy some used metal drifters on the cheap.

Um, those are not titanium… And aluminum anodizing is much more dangerous.

OOps, my bad.

Good luck with that. This isn’t something I want to touch more than I already have.

OK, update.


PM me if you want an ano job, may be open next month.

Looks good, but I would practice a little more before I acccept commissions.

These pics are not up to date. I have reached WAY more vibrant colors lately, posting pics sometime soon.

Offering one free ano job!!! Ti-walkers, Sovereigns, Auroras (raw), anything else Ti except Oxy Ti (Too expensive to risk it.) Offering fades, solids, and “Rainbouflage” (sorry Jason :wink: ) I can do gold, purple, blue, light blue, pink, yellow, and sort of orange. (WIP) PM me if interested and post here.

Free job still up for grabs.




If only i had a Titanium yoyo…

IKR? I do not have one yet. If i get good at this, maybe I can buy one for myself.


If i ever get a Ti, I’ll most likely ask you to Ano it

Thanks man, some folks over at “another forum” Are a bit less kind…

That’s just because we are all cool guys here and we love ya. :wink:



bump. ^^^ That is a response from another forum.

you should try to start with aluminim when you get 15 feed back from buyers i have to yoyos i would give you