I know the dangers of the electricity and the acid. Can someone give me a breakdown of anodizing. How do you apply the paint? What type of paint? How much electricity? What type of acid?

Thank You


Depends, are you talking about aluminum or titanium?


You don’t use paint. You use dyes with acid and electrical currents. I would recommend not to try it.


Titanium anodizing is a much safer process. In fact, it can be done with 9v batteries and baking soda. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s certainly not a recommended homebrew project.


Oh, i was talking about aluminum.


you should be able to find a guide. real cheap, only about 250 dollars.


Lots of great info here:



Note to the kids -  This process involves potentially dangerous chemicals and is not cheap. Proceed with caution.


Yes but if you take a lot of needed precautions you will b e fine.


Still, Kids+Electricity+Chemicals= Problems


I did a search for anodizing aluminum. Not that I want to do this, but understanding the process is very helpful and useful.

Now that I know, I STILL do not want to do this. I want to do this even less than before. Then again, I look to buy the yoyo already the way I want it to be. Seems to save me a whole lot of hassle and headache and potential damage to person and property.

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I think clear would be a good starting point.

Fewer Chemicals = Less Money = Less Danger = Best Value


Unfortunately clear ano doesn’t require less chemicals than colored. Dyes aren’t all that toxic.