Ti anodizing (One free slot left!)

I agree. Some feedback would be helpful. But I think your work looks good :slight_smile:

Anodizing aluminum=Burn half of your face off with sulfuric acid…
Anodizing Titanium=Get some baking soda on your hand…

I hope that explains it.


He’s describing the chemicals used and the potential risks involved.


Then I NEVER wanna try anodising aluminum. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well Ive never anodized before but I have used some pretty dangerous acids to clean concrete and brick exteriors of houses and other buildings. Brush it on(yes the brush melts quickly) and wash it off with a power washer. I had some splash onto me and it burned my hand pretty bad, yet it was my fault for not being careful. I dont regret it and its useful to know how to do that even if it involves that risk.

Same goes for anodizing I assume. Its simply part of the risk, although with proper precautions itll go smoothly. The horror stories of anodizing you hear is of either idiots who think its like painting and end up burning off half of their faces or someone forgetting their safety procedures