I anodized a couple of Titanium Yoyos


Hey all.

I messed around with some more Titanium anodizing this weekend. I don’t know if people realize that a lot of cool stuff can be done with Titanium, much like aluminum… so I figured I’d share!

YYF Ricochet - Matte blue with polished pink/purple splash

VsNYYC TiWalker - Polished pink/purple with gold lettering


I did my Ti Dream, but man… your results are singularly impressive. Mine was kinda ghetto (9V batteries) because I couldn’t find a bench power supply of high enough voltage. That tiger-striped blue/purple is amazing. Just amazing.


Question, how did you keep the engravings while doing an anodize?

(Yes, I know this’ll probably be irrelevant compared to everything else, but I’m curious and want to anodize my two titaniums)


it is not irrelevant to me.
the engraving of the ti-walker is still present because it is made by a process called “annealing”, whereas the engraving of the ricochet,made for simple laser engraving, is no longer present


That tiger striped blue and purple is gorgeous! :o

I wonder if you take commissions… My raw throws could definitely use some of that love.


Hell yeah! P.s. if you ever want to get rid of that ti-walker, hit my line up… :wink:


that ti-walker belongs to chaosgow


How does this annealing process work? does it make the engraving part of the anodized oxide layer instead of bleaching the layer? (like ~97% of engravings are)


honestly I don’t know much, I also searched around to understand something…


Ah, I see. So does that mean most Ti yoyos have an anneal? It seems like it since the engraving seems to sparkle slightly compared to an aluminium laser engraving. I’m just assuming at this point. XD