Some of my titanium anodization work

I’ve been messing around with Titanium anodizing the last couple of months for myself and a few friends’ Titanium Yoyos. Here’s some examples of my my work:

Matte blue and polished purple YYF Ricochet

Solid pink/purple VsNYYC TiWalker

Polished green matte pink/gold + polished purple matte gold YYF Dream

Teal + Purple fade YYF Dream

Polished green matte blue + polished blue matte pink YYF Ricochet

“Opalescent” YYF Ricochet

Let me know what you think!


Your stuff is amazing man… just amazing. I love the Ricochet in the first picture especially. <3 :o

Titanium “anodization”?

Your work looks amazing!! So wish I had some Ti to send your way :wink:
Look forward to seeing more!!

Those TiDreams are amazing!

No quotation marks needed, Big Nic. :wink: It uses an anode!

That opalescent Ricochet…man…

I did my Ti Dream and it has a bit of colour-shiftiness to it as well, but not nearly as lovely as that one.

Ah… makes sense! lol…

on the hunt for some colored titanium :wink:

i want that ti walker so bad haha nice work dude

Thanks guys!

Yup!  If you’re not familiar with it, it’s actually a really neat process.  Unlike Aluminum, where you’re “filling” the pores of the aluminum oxide with colored dyes, no dyes are added to the Titanium… just electricity.  All of the colors are achieved by controlling the thickness of the oxides built on the surface of the Titanium, which causes interference with the light reflecting off of the surface… similar to how in a puddle of water shows a rainbow of colors.  You should definitely check a video of it out… it’s almost like magic.

Also allows you to play with the surface finishes for different effects.  Polished and anodized Titanium can often seem to “shift” colors depending on how the light hits it… whereas matte anodized Titanium will hold on to some oils from your hands and darken over time. Here’s a little video showing the two contrasting finishes on the Ricochet: (if the link isn’t allowed, let me know and I’ll remove it)

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like many people have done much with Titanium anodizing on Yoyos yet…  I’ve only seen a few flame anodized (which I’m quite honestly not a fan of) and solid-colored ones.  I don’t know if people really realize how crazy it can get, so I hope to change that :stuck_out_tongue:  I’m doing a small run for some people in the coming weeks, so hopefully I’ll have some more cool stuff (and variety of Yoyos) to show you guys soon!

it’s mine

Reported! LOL that thing is nice man sell it to me haha

It’s in my will that I’m to be buried with it, sorry

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Just find out where he’s gonna be buried :stuck_out_tongue: We won’t have to wait…

you hear that chaos :wink:

Finished another one… this time on a Luftverk Octavia for a buddy of mine. Similar technique to the Dream above… matte blue with polished pink sponge. Cups are matte blue with pink highlights. The pink in the cups can actually be scrubbed out… it’s a “floating” layer of oxide… but my friend wanted me to leave it.

Also messed around with my Salti. I had been meaning to try some logos and other designs. I’m moderately happy with the results, but I rushed to get it done before bed and got sloppy… didn’t clean things properly… hence the cloudiness on the blue part.

Still, something I hadn’t seen done before, so I figured I’d share!


Killer job on all of these! It’s really impressive work.

Really nice work! The logo/honeycomb design came out super clean. I actually like the cloudiness around the superman logo, kind of makes it pop more.

have you ever considered doing custom TI anodizing through your bst. Id imagine youd get good results.

WOW! Those latest pics are awesome!

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I’ve done a lot of ano plating and finish work, and upon clicking this I was expecting to see some kid with his dads yellow bottle of map gas torching to kingdom come. It amazes me that its almost a start classification for coloration by using heat. It is also a beautiful finish when done right but lets not forget why we call it anodizing, the anode and the current. I was stunned to see how beautiful you’re stuff is not only really clean in terms of the hue and preservation of the old techniques but you’re tapping into some new approaches too! I know this thread is 3 years old however, I am curious on the electrolytic and waveforms you are using.

The waveform - You’ve achieved some really stunning blues into greens suggesting close to 85-10V Which is not always easy as one (depending on the waveform) cannot go back. The conventional DC doesn’t always yield the best results, did you use the AC -AC Superimposed with a pulse method?

The bath - Are you using a oxalic acid bath layer and then oxalic acid adding sulfuric acid?
You can use just about anything if you do it long enough, most common is the 20 mule team Borax, and for the die hard DIY strapped for material, diet coke =) - I’ve used nitric, sulfuric and oxalic for less layering.

And out of everything you’ve done your ricochet in what you’re calling opalescent is perhaps the most beautiful Ti6 22-26 ano I’ve come across. Its absolutely gorgeous. Seeing how this was three years ago I hope you’ve opened up a shop and started doing this full time. You’ve got the eye and you’re meticulous attention to detail is remarkable and above reproach.