firstly i cannot stress the dangers of this process, although simple, if missed up, it can have severely or even fatal effects. but if saftey used, no harm will be done

you will need:
Mask (respirator, or cheap nose and mouth mask)
protective clothes that you don’t care if they get damaged
small plastic container
nearby water source
buffer of some kind
GREASED LIGHTING BRAND all-purpose cleaner (very few other chemicals work for this process it is the best and fast chemical in my opinion)

this process is best done on a hot, sunny day, the colder the solution is, the more time it takes to de-anodize the aluminum.

first put on all saftery gear

next take everything out of the yoyo including response, bearing, and axle if you can.

then fill the container with enough solution to fully submerge the yoyo halves

then wait about 15 to 20 minutes or until aluminum is completley silver (no longer than 20 minutes though)

Note: extended time in solution may cause damage to the yoyo if left in too long

after that quickly take aluminum sides into water and wash remaining solution off
finally buff off the yoyo until completley silver color


I have found that microwaving the greased lighting in a microwave-safe container can speed up the proccess by about 3x the speed, just heat up the solution BEFORE putting the yoyo in it



What you’ll need:

Figure it out.

with sandpaper, you either need a drill, or have to do it by hand, and the proccess can take a much longer time period, plus you have to do each side individually, which means your gonna have to get thoes hard to reach places and compromise the yoyos weight distribution.takes EVEN MORE time and even then, there can be a huge vibe created if the yoyos are not equally satined

get what i’m sayin?

Mmmmmm… I guess. But I’d like to know what kind of sandpaper you’re using that makes that big of a difference as far as weight distribution. But I do understand where you’re coming from.

Luckily I have a sandblaster, so I don’t have to worry ;).

I liked this guide, but what you said here is just plain wrong.

Sanding the anno off of a yoyo has only very miniscule effects towards the yoyos weight. Sanding (if done in an intelligent manner-and by intelligent, I mean with a hint of common sense) should never, ever, affect the yoyo in a way resulting in vibe. I’m not sure if your knowledge comes from experience, but if it does, I’m afraid it’s because you were doing something wrong.


Naval Jelly works as well. It’s what Bryan Uses.

Anyway, I agree w/ Q. I haven’t had a yoyo mess up from any sort of satin job :stuck_out_tongue:

Aluminum jelly might work better. It is specifically for removing aluminum oxide. (that’s what ano is) naval jelly says on the label, “Do not use on aluminum”

Acavando uses it to strip his yoyos. It works fine

Lye (sodium hydroxide), in general, is not supposed to be used on aluminum but if that is what it takes then that is what we shall do.

Also, kids, please ONLY do this under adult supervision… Or, not at all.

I strip a lot of yoyos and I stress that messing with lye and aluminum is not safe. It heats up, smokes and emits a lot of noxious fumes. Please do under adult supervision only.

satining the anodize off doesn’t take very long. Probably about just as much, if not less time as this.
Just take sand paper (I used 80, 120, 220, then 400 and 600 grit just for a more shiny finish) and a drill.
put the yoyo in the drill, sand away anodize. take it out, then put in the other half.
didn’t take long at all with my 888.

listen to him and Nick. They know their stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Aluminum jelly…

Not Recommended For
New or anodized surfaces

That’s because it will eat through aluminum oxide.

yeah…I figured that out…was about to pull my post…till you made me look stupid…I’ll give it a try and let you know…!

I might just have to try this on my next beater…

i need some jelly to get a jasonwongzero ano!

so far Aluminum jelly does nothing…

i use greased lighting because you can just put the yoyos in the solution and just watch it or leave and do something else.

realy, just come back after 15-20 minutes to check to see if the ano is completley off.

then when it’s completley gone, quickly rinse off the solution with a water source


What in gods name? Make a video and ill believe you, ive tried and bought greased lightning, Dont work… ive let it sit for 3 days actually, I do not recommend greased lightning.