Differences in string?

Having a debate with someone about how different colors of string feel. Is it true that some colors of strings are more rough on your fingers and give string burn easier? And some colors feel more smooth on your fingers?

In my experience with poly strings. White is the least abrasive where as darker colors have some roughness. This is due to the dyes used to color the string.
Yellow tends to be pretty close to white, whereas green and darker can get increasingly abrasive.

There is for sure a difference.

yellow feels like banana

yes! And green feels just like spinach! And you know what else? Pink has the wonderful texture of Pinks chemically damaged and artificially enhanced hair! And white has the oh so wonderful creamy slippery texture of some fresh mayo!
I hear they taste like they feel too!
Don’t get me started on Kitty string, and don’t ask how I know the taste of cat!