what does a yoyo's properties mean

I live in Turkey and played yoyo for 6 months.It wasn’t good,but enough to get me to advanced in this site so I learned the matrix 4 months ago,but couldn’t continue.;and now it’s broken,so I want to get a new one.Normally,I would read the reviews on yoyos and choose one,but that’s not possible in Turkey,because ,people playing yoyo put aside,I have never ever seen anyone in my whole life that knows what a yoyo really is,except “A stupid round children’s toy that goes up and down”,so all I can get to is a few models of Auldey,which is the only yoyo company in Turkey.

So, I need to understand how a yoyo is by looking at its properties like width,diameter etc.

What I’m looking for is an advanced,as unresponsive as a yoyo can get,stable yoyo that I can go all the way up to Master(in the “Learn” section ).

And I can’t ship a yoyo from America or any other country because they don’t.

Any help is appreciated.

Well, first of all, full sized throws (generally 54mm and up diameter, 40mm and up width) are usually more stable and longer spinning than undersized throws (generally 51mm and down in diameter, 40mm and down in width). If you want an expensive metal, go with the ILYY Liopleurodon. It is dead smooth, very stable, long spinning, and also dead unresponsive. If you don’t want to go with a yoyo in the $100 range, then go with the YYF protostar. It’s stable, dead unresponsive, and will take you through everything you need to now. It is also about $90 less than the Liopleurodon. I’m not sure if this matters, but the protostar is less smooth on the string. That is pretty much the main difference between the two yoyos.

The problem is that I can get nothing but a few models of Auldey,which is considered a bootleg manufacturer.Thanks for the advice.

Well, if you are talking master level tricks? Then you don’t need much.
In fact you rarely need much of a yoyo to perform just about any trick.
The audleys you have are probably close to if not as good as anything else you are going to buy. I would say since they are supporting your local yoyo scene you may want to stick with them.
How ever if you look up on the search function “stable yoyo”, you will come up with lots of suggestions for stable (yoyos that don’t tilt easy) yoyos. Hope this helps.

Mehmet yoyocular.com’a gitdinmi sen? orada review falan veriyorlar yada sor verebilirler. I’ve been yoyoing one year and they’ve helped me ^^ have you gone to any of the TYYC elmeler? or to the finals in istanbul? If you find an armagan oyuncak store they sell YYJ yoyos here ^^

there are sites that are based in europe that you can buy from
or look around for a store that sells them. even a cheap duncan freehand zero can be used for the master tricks on here if you mod it.

you can buy an auldey like the L3 or virus these are high end yoyos from auldey but you can search other yoyo online store too.

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Yeah I understand your situation.

If you can get your hands on a Virus. I dont prefer hubstacks so if at a last resort go with the L3. Thats just my preference.

Can’t you just buy from an online store and order it to Turkey ?