What makes a good Yoyo?

I’m curious, what is the difference between expensive and cheap unresponsive yoyos? I got the mystery box and my edge seems to play just the same as the wedge I got? Along with other cheap unresponsive yo-yos I have I have I don’t see much difference? Am I missing something?

A large portion of what makes a yoyo good or not is entirely subjective. You’re generally not going to find a huge bump in play ability from anything. Practically everything on the market today, at virtually any price range, plays really well. You’re not missing anything. If you prefer the Wedge, play the Wedge. If you prefer the Edge, play the Edge. If you like a little of both, then play them both.

Then why such the fluctuation in price??

The better you are the better you’ll be able to discern the differences and improvements of more expensive yoyos vs cheaper ones.

Generally, more expensive yoyos will be more stable and spin longer due to an increased amount of rim weight.

There is a fluctuation in price because of the cost of materials. Plastic is the cheapest, 6061 aluminum is the next cheapest, then 7075, and then you have your bimetals which is aluminum + steel rings.

Bimetal>7075>6061>plastic in terms of price but also in weight distribution so “generally” the more you pay the better of a performing yoyo you’re going to get. Better weight distribution also means greater ability to tweak how a yoyo plays to better cater towards a certain play style. There’s a lot more that goes into it but that’s the bare bones.

Of course if you’re a beginner or intermediate, those differences will be more negligible to you.