Hello there YoHans!
I’m a little bit curious about how companies decide the price points of each yoyo. Regarding this, I own an Edge Beyond and a WEdge. Both the WEdge and Edge Beyond play very well. Although on the expensive side of yoyos, I feel like the Edge Beyond is worth its price. I also feel like the WEdge is worth its price, but to be honest, it plays way above its price range when put into ratio against the Edge Beyond. I know that some people say that a major factor that determines the price of yoyos is the research and development behind it. To add to that, I feel like the amount of research that goes into making a plastic yoyo cheap while still playing relatively well rivals the amount that goes into designing a performance bimetal yoyo. How are these price points justified/considered when putting these yoyos out on the market?
Thanks for taking your time to answer :slight_smile:


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Each of those yoyos “punch above their weight” for their pricepoint. The Wedge goes up against some more expensive plastics and delivers amazing performance. Same with EDGEbeyond.
There are many factors that go into pricing a yoyo. We try to deliver the best experience for the best price to best serve the consumer.