What do you throw and how many?

Hey guys I’m trying to convince my parents to let me buy a wooly marmot and a gnarwhal so tell me what you throw, how many you have, and how long you have been yoyoing. Thanks!

I also bought a gnarwhal and marmot at the same time. As of now, this is what I have:

  1. bronze/blue splash CLYW Gnarwhal (probably gonna sell this sometime soon)
  2. 28 stories CLYW Gnarwhal
  3. Clareview station CLYW Wooly Marmot
  4. SPYY Addiction
  5. CLYW Bear vs Man

I have some other throws but those are the only ones that I am currently throwing. I’ve been yoyoing for around a year.

How many do you have all together.

Year an’ a half.

more than 15.

3 years off and on

probably about 13 or so yoyo’s

4 metals

Well, I have a protostar, dv888, and x convict + the 5 I already mentioned. Then I have like 20-30 $5 duncan and yomegas from like 5 years ago before I started seriously yoyoing.

I have a lot of yoyos, never counted, I use around 3 of my yoyos on a normal basis. the rest lay around waiting for juggling group day, where little kids drag them around all night.
I have been yoyoing since I was really little, I would say I am up to around 20 years.

Duncan YoyoJam YoyoFactory
-Mondial -X-ConVict -Hectic
-Butterfly -DV888
-Imperial -BOSS

And I have been yoyoing for over three years now.

I only have 4
and I’ve been yoyoing for about 5/6 months

Hey guys my parents were convinced and I’m paying them back and im getting the gnarwhal and wooly marmot.

Thanks sooo much for ya’lls help!!

I yoyo since last october, here’s my collection:


]wooly markmont
[]White/Purple fade - Code 1
]Cherry Blossom Dingo


[*]Pink - SteamRoller (2nd run)


[*]Red - Piglet


[*]Clear - Cosmo


[]Green - Pre-pro pacquiao
]Blue - Beef


[*]Milk - Tres Leches

Vs Newton:

[*]Cherry Blossom Branches - Battosai

Tom Kuhn:

[]Recreational Device-1
]Mandala engraved No-Jive

YoYo Factory:

]Red - One (pray for Japan/Fatlace edition)
[]Grey - DV888
]Green - Pop Star




[*]Power Brain Xp


]Pink - Flying Shuttle
[*]Bronze - Pirate


[*]Blue - Hyper YoYo

but I work and pay for my throws

as a parent, here’s a thing

my kid’s first in school, first in gymnastics, listens to whatever we say as his parents, we try and be as fair as possible

as long as it lasts he pretty much gets whatever he wants, if we can afford it.

but then again, he also understand if we can’t and save his own money too, sometimes he chips in if he feels like it (and if we let him)

so really, if you want to “convince” your parents, just be nice, work hard at school and show them that you’re deserving.

If I were to post my collection, it might be counterproductive. Your parents would tell you to avoid yoyoing if it means you’ll end up with tens of thousands worth. Go slow.

I’ve been yo-yoing for about 6/7 months. I have a lot of cheap plastic yo-yos so I don’t exactly what the count is.
Ones I throw regularly:
SPYY Addict
Duncan Drifter
Duncan Throw Monkey
Chico Route 66
One Drop Dingo
YYJ Hitman
CLYW Campfire

Some were Christmas presents, others gotten cheap of the BST or ebay, and one was given to me. :slight_smile:

I have:
CLYW Wooly Marmot NEW
OneDrop MarkMont.Next
YYF Skyline
YYF Dv888
Hspin G&E4
Xcube Steamroller NEW
YYF Rockstar 2012 NEW
Getting a CLYW Peak and Gnarwhal from my friend :)!

I’ve been yoyoing for about 11 months :wink:
MY MAIN THROWS are CLYW Wooly Marmot, YYF Rockstar 2012, Xcube Steamroller :wink:

i have about 25 yoyos

in about 5 years :slight_smile:

Current yoyos

  1. one drop 54 (green mist edition)
  2. one drop code 1 (purple and silver)
  3. one drop project (white)
  4. clyw bear vs man (shark vs zombi beaver edition)
  5. clyw gnarwhal (mint chocolate chip edition)
  6. clyw sasquach (purple w/ pink speckles)
  7. spyy speed freak
  8. yyj atmoshere (purple)
  9. spyy pro (purple and blue)
  10. big brother yoyos juvenile offender (blue and silver)
  11. spyy ronin

It’s been almost 2 years and 11 different yoyo (and counting ;D)

I have a:
YYF grind machine
YYF dv888
YYF g5
YYJ equinox
i have been yoyoing for 9 months

So, after 4 months of yoyoing, I have finished all the tricks except for 6 and have bought 2 yoyos.
(I’m in Edmonton so CLYW is the influence)
-CLYW Gnarwhal
-CLYW Avalanche
Also I have a CLYW Peak coming from a friend who stopped yoyoing. Also, I want a CLYW Campfire for practicing.

It all depends on how much you are into it. If you are into yoyoing alot (like me; practicing at least 3 hours a day weekdays, at least 5 weekends), you should invest in the best experience.

If you are sort of into it (like at least 2 hours a day), you should invest in something that is worth the price (DV888, Yuuksta, DM, Hitman)

If you do this a peaceful pastime (at least 30 mins a day), buy something that can handle the advanced tricks well at an extremely low price. (yyf ONE comes to mind).