My story behind my wooly

First, my friend came over, with his wooly marmot. I had a gnarwhal, which was my favorite throw. After throwing that thing though, I had to painfully admit, I liked his yoyo more. I knew my mission now was to get my hands on one. The opportunity arose with a trip to my very desolate property. My family was building a cabin there, and I spent Wednesday through Saturday working on it. So, when I got back today, I had enough money to get one! I bought a navy blue w/ yellow wash marmy! I am already way too fired up about it! Anyone else have a story like that?

Yes. I got a gnarwhal. My first CLYW. My favorite yoyo. Then I got a wooly. I love it and thought i liked it better. I had then gotten back from school and used my Gnarwhal again. Then I had thought my Gnarwhal was way better + the best throw ever. I then went back to school and played with the marmot. I now still like the Gnarwhal better. Gnarwhal 10.0/10 and Marmot 8.752642824/10