What do you think of the 2012 Werrd Irony JP?


How does the 2012 differ from the 2013? Give me your thoughts.


Right there on the product page:

It’s mostly about diameter. The 2013 is a big one! Yet, maintains the same weight. This gives it a somewhat “floatier” feeling, although neither model is ever going to be crowned “float king”. They are both impressive yoyos, and choosing between them may be more a matter of diameter preference than anything.


I saw that already. I wanted to hear from someone whos had experience with both.


I’ve played both, not for an extended period of time, but I’ve played them back to back. That’s what my “recommendation” (or non-recommendation of one over the other) is based on. They’re both great, both are solid and stable, but both feel differently in the hand due to diameter and affect your perception a bit because of the diameter:weight ratio being different on them.

Your question was “How does it differ… Give me your thoughts.”

Which is what I answered with.

You’re welcome.


Now that I know you’ve played both, Thanks.


That’s not just any thanks its a capitalized thanks.

(Owen) #7

I like the colors on the 2012 ones better than those on the 2013 ones. Mainly because of the lack of engraving. I did find the 2012 one I had better than the 2013 one I had though.


Yeah. My phone does that.

(major_seventh) #9

I think the 2012 has more rim weight, whereas the 2013 has more center. Both spin forever.


Cool. I should have a '12 on it’s way to me soon so I guess we shall see.