anyone have thought on the 2013 vs2012 irony jp

ive been thinking about getting the original version of the irony jp for a while now and they just came out with the 2013 version. has anyone played both and realize any major differences?

Let see if I can be of an help, to start off I have thrown the 2012 jp for year got it 2012 Julish, threw about 700 hours not an understatement, so I know a little but about it. I have 3 2012 and 2 2013 jp’s. The new one you don’t have to turn as much as the 2012 to get dead smooth. I noticed to engraving on the 2012 gets a bit dirty, in terms of play the new jp is my main throw. It can handle anything you throw at it and has really good rim weight. It is soo good the new one. It has been stated by numerous people, it makes other yoyos play like crap in comparison because so stable.I Will not tell you what to buy but seriously consider getting this yoyo, if my 2300 hours of yoyoing has proved anything it is the Irony series is evolving and somehow Stuart makes the next one better than the one before. Also sodablasted soo smooth, does fingergridning nicely.

2012 JP is the best yoyo I’ve ever used for fingerspins. Has so much rimweight it’s literally painful.

2013 is mostly small tweaks. Wall edge is sharper, outer corners are slightly rounder, weight is more balanced and comfy, hub area is concaved, has a different blast and stock bearing/pads, etc. Not quite as good for fingerspins, but I like it better for pretty much everything else.


I prefer the 2013 IronyJP. It’s slightly refined and the finish actually really does help. Although fignerspins are as good, doesn’t mean its bad. BUT the Irony SG (Still Guilty)…now that is a yoyo.

All of that plus its 3mm larger in diameter coming in at almost 59mm.