Difference between Irony Jpx, IronyJP 2013, Irony JP 2014?


My understanding (and I in no way have official information) is this:

JP 2013 is the first in this “redesign” of the JP, with larger diameter, flat hub, and overall different appearance from the previous JP.

JPX is the most recent retail-ready version, which brings the weight down a little bit and has polished rims.

JP 2014 is not available yet (as far as I know) but is intended to be bi-metal. I BELIEVE it will have SS rims rather than weight ring, but I couldn’t absolutely guarantee that.

I doubt ‘2014’ will be here before the plastic and other already revealed prototypes.
but can still hope they release all of em by chirstmas

the 2012 version had flat rims while 2013 had a ridge curving into the front face.
2012 had a flower logo engraved on the hub center, while 2013 is engraved on theside of the cup or on the rims.
I dont think the specs changed between these 2 versions.

The diameter is significantly different.

Arent all of them like 58

Also anyone knows the difference between the irony gba and the true ‘OG’ irony?

No. The 2012 was like just under 56.


The YYE product page?

This does not look like under 56mm, but idk when to trust specs given by whom.