Irony Jp vs JPX


So, hello. This is my first post ever, so I’m pretty excited. I want a Werrd Irony. I think I want a jp not a jpx. How can I buy/tell between the jp and jpx. I want the jp because I like the stats of it more. Where can I buy a JP. Also, if you think the jpx is better, please tell me your reason, and I might consider that if you convince me. Oh yeah, and also should I get a space cowboy instead. I like it but it is a little more expensive, and I’m not convinced it is any better. Thanks for listening!!! And please help!


And if you have any for sale, please tell me. :slight_smile: And how do you bump posts?
So now I know that Jpx has polished rims, and JP doesn’t, how does that affect play?


I haven’t used a JP but my JPX has a polished rim and it really hurts when you bind it because the polished rim doesn’t match up


Glad you figured out how to post and create a forum account :wink:

Get a Space Cowboy!


how do you bump


Get an irony, either one

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Space Cowboys are really impressive……

It’s the only yoyo I still haven’t gotten tired of after months of owning it.


JPX has a polished rim and jp does not

There’s also 2 versions of the JP. Original and JP2k13


The polished rim is the easiest way to tell. The differences between the JP 2k13 and the JPX are pretty subtle so I think you’d be happy with either. The JP 2k13 (and original) are both out of production so the BST is your best bet.


Haven’t tried a Jp but if you can find a JPX get it. It’s amazing. I think it performs better than a space cowboy and definitely finger spins better. The finish on it is amazing. I think the the polished rims make it feel unique and cool in your hand.


Can you go into slightly more detail about the ‘doesn’t match up’ part?

I’m not saying I disagree with you. I am just trying to figure out what you meant.