I was fortunate to grab one of the mini-restock JPXs on Friday, and I’m really looking forward to getting it tomorrow.
I was curious… for those who’ve played both the JP and JPX, how do they compare? The JPX is a touch lighter, with a little taken off the rims, but I’m hoping the result is just as stable and long spinning as the JP.

nothing is taken off the rims. The diameter shrunk evenly and the wall of the inner catch zone became thinner.

You’re lucky to have gotten one. I went insane trying to get one and missed my chance because of being on a high school trip.

I need to buy a konkave for mine, the ctx doesnt spin long

Ok, cool… so playability is just as good or better (for non-pro skill level players) with the JPX?

Yeah it does…

it just takes forever to start spinning long

Just got the JPX in the mail. After about 5 throws, it’s already my favorite yoyo by a mile. Very impressive in the hand - pics really don’t do it justice…