Any thought on Werrd Irony JPX & JP ?


So, I saw that a couple of online stores have some Irony JPX in stock already.
Has anybody purchased/tried one?
I also want to know your thought on Irony JP 2013 vs 2012 vs JPX


X is noticably lighter and faster than '13, shifting its feel towards that of a sleipnir or krown. It could be slightly less stable especially if you put a centertrac bearing in (lol who does dat
Also my X has very tight bearing seats, dunno if that just me.


How bout for finger spin?
And overall, which one do you prefer?


The hub is basically unchanged.
Overall it just depends on style. I imagine that if you play like Shinya Kido or Iori Yamaki youd proly prefer the 'X and if your like Marcus Koh or Paul Kerbel you are better with the '13. This is derp speculation tho as even I myself wonder why Carlos prefers the X over the '13.
Personally I learn new tricks with the '13 and perform/practice full freestyles with the X. I also carry the '13 around when I dont want to use gloves.