Irony JPX

Anyone else grab an irony? I got myself a black/grey one

What is up with the polished rims? Is it a 7075 throw or does it have Bi-Metal rings on the rims? Why is the description not clear on this?

Does anyone else think this is just a bit deceptive? There are lots of throws on the market with Stainless Steel rims (Space Cowboy, Berserker SS…) that look just like this. Why would Werrd anodize the yo-yo is such a way that it looks like it has Stainless Rings?

Maybe that was artsy a few years ago, but now it just seems deceptive given trends in yo-yo design.

“With the polished rims and sharp engravings the JPX has a really refined look.”

I’m sure they would have mentioned if it was bi-metal.

If it was a bi-metal I’m sure that’s the first thing that would have been mentioned. I personally think it looks good and they aren’t the only ones to do this in the last few years for aesthetic purposes. YYF did it with wyyc edition shutters and one drop did it with their format:c. I don’t think you should feel like they were trying to deceive you.

Pretty sure the rims were for Shaving off a few grams or something…

Read that somewhere too

How does a polish knock off a few grams tho…

because it removes metal, and metal has weight.

troll thread of the month

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does look bi metal but still loks sonice!

Pay attention to valid info available to the Public; Worldwide; before you come up with your standard,’ somebody is pulling a fast one theories <> the text below was pasted over from a Spanish yoyo store.
Carlos wanted the JP to be reduced from 67+ grams, closer to 65/about.
…Stu shaved off a few grams and gave the yoyo a little more Flash in the process; to compliment Carlos’ amazing play level.

Only ‘you’ would conjur up some Conspiracy to dupe the public story. Below is the exact text copied from the Spanish site vvvvv

"One of Werrd’s flag ship yo-yos, the IRONY JPX has an extreme shape that maximizes both spin time and manoeuvrability that makes it a great choice for competition. The new IRONY JPX further refines the original design, making it suit the freestyle play demands of some of Japan’s best yo-yo players.

The Japanese have for a long time demanded a level of quality and precision that few manufacturers outside of Japan can meet. Werrd was up to the challenge and the IRONY JPX is the result.

Machined from the best 7075 aluminium, the IRONY JPX is solid and dead smooth with perfect weight distribution and some of the longest spin times known to mankind. Incorporated into the design is the unique IRONY negative cut shape and a concave finger spin cup to enhance trick variety.

The IRONY JPX is soda blasted to give it a silky smooth finish perfect for grinding and comes stock with a genuine Dif-E-Yo konkave bearing, IrPad response and Poly Kitty String.
Now the rims were given a fine polish, reducing the overall weight to 65.6 grams.

This is a sports model, a players model, like an F1 racing machine."


We do mention polished rims and 7075 aluminum.

WERRD simply wanted to give it a cool look. Nothing is deceptive here… WERRD originally did this with the 86400 so not something really ‘new’ here for them at least. It does look a lot like a stainless steel ring pressed on but its just for looks and appeal (and its pretty darn cool looking in person!)

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This yoyo is clearly designed and machined already with a smaller diameter than the previous versions.
The polished part does not go over the circle of largest diameter, while the shape of the edge rolled onto the front side stays unchanged from the previous version. This indicated that if it were polished the rim would have been shaped differently before, likely with the curled edge protruding much further deducing by extrapolating the circle of largest diameter. Redesigning the rim shape just for eventually removing such a large amount of material from them alone, and by polishing instead of machining, is evidently extremely inefficient, especially considering a typical polish to an entire yoyo only removes half as much weight. This yoyo also appears to have a thinner body wall and slightly lower gap wall than its predecessor, which is another possible contributor to the reduced weight.
Moreover, the rims are far too thick and the polished part far too thin to resemble a metal ring. Even the genesis ss, with one of the thinnest rings found on any ringed yoyo, has clearly altered its rim proportions from a regular genesis.

But that is my point. It is not a “cool look” anymore. It looks like other Bi-Metal yo-yo’s that have completely different play characteristics than the yo-yo being sold.

My original point stands: why make a yo-yo in 2015; that looks like the other yo-yo’s that are Bi-Metal?

Telling us that is is to shave weight is just silly. Seriously, there are any number of ways to anodize this so it does not seem deceptive, why choose the one that is?

Didn’t the polished (or machined, I don’t remember) rim shutter fly off the shelves? That wasn’t long ago, bimetals were around.

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I would make it very clear that the rims are polished, not a different material. If that is prominent in the description; I have no issues.

I think that clarity is what I was interested in; that is all.

Not sure anyone thought a $50 shutter with silver rims was anything but polished…

The description of the yoyo clearly states that it is made from 7075 aluminum. Nowhere does it infer any other metal being used. And it clearly states that the rims were polished. Seems pretty clear to me.


i wash reading this thrwad and my eyes fell out plz exuse any spelling erors

Managed to snag a blue one, my first Werrd throw. Just curious, does anyone know where these are manufactured?