What do you take to competition besides your throw?

(Evan Brown) #1

I’ve been looking around and I can’t seem to find many people talking about what they have in their bags besides their throw and maybe some strings and an extra bearing. Personally I haven’t yet attended a competition as I’m still working on improving my skills before I get to that level, but I’d really like to know what everyone else has with them.

(Mk1 Yoyos) #2

I like to bring a friend, some water, and money to buy even more yoyos… I don’t compete, though.




Make sure to bring charisma and eye contact!

(Jordan Blofeld) #5

Camera, accessories and some headphones. Other than that I fill my bag with drinks and snacks since it can be hard to get them in the venues

(Jacob Waugh) #6

Mega Stack of Sour Cream and Onion Pringles and a water bottle.

(Gethin) #7

Kombucha and my positive mental attitude

(Thomas Bellotti) #8

Full-faced helmet, knee& elbow pads, Kevlar vest, nunchucks, fresh socks and undies (2 pair each), sleeping bag, compass, tray of tuna casserole, dual fanny packs-filled with Skittles, Swiss army knife, travellers checks, and my guinea pig-Charles

Most importantly, a can-do attitude!!

D-grade jokes aside, I’d think extra strings, maybe a bearing or two, and any other tools/parts in case your throw craps out in any way would be good to have.

(Evan Brown) #9

Best comment ever, entertaining and useful


Don’t sell yourself short… that was like B minus to strong C material


You don’t have to compete. If you can, you should go to a comp to just hang out, meet people, and have fun. Comps are a blast.

I usually bring an old school case with parts, response pads, lube, tools, string, yoyos - I bring enough things so that I can be useful to other folks who maybe didn’t come super prepared. But occasionally I’ll show up with just a single yoyo and a few string in my pocket.


I usually bring a couple of yoyos, some string, multitool, extra bearings, response pads and lube. All of this is in a plastic ‘small parts’ case I picked up at Home Depot for a few dollars. Ideally, I don’t need any of this because I checked my stuff the night before, but, maybe someone else does, if so, I’m happy to help. I also bring money for food, drink, and yoyo related purchases. Most importantly, I leave my ego at home – no one likes dealing with a self important jerk.

I’ve seen guys who bring the yoyo gloves, spray antiperspirant (I assume to keep their hands dry and to avoid pit stains when on stage).

(Jim Honaker) #13

I like this topic. I have no desire to compete and really have no talent to either. However the one question I have for those who DO compete…

How do pick a throw to compete with and do you practice exclusively with it in preparation?

I would love to be so dedicated to one throw and it become an extension of my hands. But I love sooo many yoyos that I can’t pick one. The Ti-Vayder that the greats @codinghorror and @HVizier are dropping might just be that one.


DEFINITELY agree on the food piece. Just like a couple Cliff bars or bananas and a water bottle. Especially at things like Worlds, it’s SO easy to just forget to eat. And you’re already forgetting to sleep, which just compounds issues.

I would argue against bringing a big case/bag full of yo-yo’s. I did that for a few years and it’s just something to babysit. Inevitably you’ll gravitate toward just throwing a few things, so try to decide what that’ll be and bring 3-4 yo-yo’s, at least 2-3x the string you’ll typically use in that time, and maybe a couple parts/tools (though I rarely find I need any of that).

To that end, btw, a comfortable man-purse has served me WAY better than any “actual” yo-yo bag. Find something which fits/secures a couple throws, add one on a holster. You’ll pretty much have on on your finger the whole time anyway.

I don’t compete, but when I did I’d have a few of that specific yo-yo and definitely use it to prepare. If you’re not repping any particular company, pick the one which you hit your stuff on most consistently.

I pack LIGHT for contests. Even for Nats/Worlds, all I want is a backpack. Less to fuss over = more time & energy to meet/catch up.

Last thing I’ll say is COMFORTABLE FOOTWEAR. You’re on your feet constantly at yo-yo contests, and while you want to look fly, function > form when it comes to staying upright for 10-72 hours (depending on the event).

(Thomas Bellotti) #15

Obviously grading on a curve then. D’s get degrees man. If you’re not failing, youre passing. Anything extra is just showing off.

You keep encouraging me and im gonna keep giving you groaners dude


Money and strings.

(InvaderDust) #17

I go to comps not yo compete but rather teach, learn, and share. Really just to be an active part of the comminuty that has done so much for me.

That being said, what I take with me is:

Ultra wide leg jeans (JNCOs)
More money than I think I’ll need.
Ascender yoyo holder, and my chosen throw for the day.


Are we talking bell bottoms here

(InvaderDust) #19

not quite. bell’s have flairs on the ends. Mine are mostly the same from waist down.

more like this:


huh so basically you’re wearing Wokes?