what is your competition yoyo?

I want to know what yoyo do you bring to a competition?

if i was going to a competition id be bringin my YoYoFactory ROCKstar with a brand new poly string and center trak bearing on it. and my YoYoFactory Yuuksta as a bak up with the same set up

When I go to Contests, I Always bring my whole case with everything in it. :wink:

money alot of string my bigyo reXtreme and peak and 54

yyf northstar/protostar or a duncan raptor

Never been to a contest, and Alaska has none, so I cannot truthfully answer this, but I bring my entire case when I go yoyo, so yeah…

I bring my whole case. But I mainly throw with my SPYY PRO or CLYW PEAK

Although it’s not my favorite yoyo, my Hatrick is the best for competition. But my Torrent seems to be outshining it lately…

well… i havnt done a competition yet… but so far i would choose my grind machine

When i go to a contest, i probably carry random yoyo. But i most likely use my kahiji or genesis. So those two must go with me.

Typically I would use my Duncan butterfly and sometimes ill use my Yomega X Brain for 5A. Just depends really… :o

i use yyf star series. DEATH TO METAL. (proto/northstar/pgm.v2

Up until I screwed a bit too tightly (Fail), I used my Electric Daisy in a talent show. Up until that point, I thought I would never need a new throw.

Now, it would be my G5 or, if I had one right now, a Severe 2010.