What do you take to competition besides your throw?

(InvaderDust) #21

Hahhaaaa, aahh, not exactly.

thats funny tho :sweat_smile:

({John15}) #22

I reallllly want to like komboucha, but it tears up my gut. It’s like coffee stomach amplified 10 times.

(Gethin) #23

It’s my fav, I’m actually in the process of brewing my own right now!

({John15}) #24

This is awesome lol


Dust, don’t let these guys give you a hard time about your wide leg 90s pants, much better than skinny jeans IMO :joy:

(InvaderDust) #26

Its all good brother. Ive been rocken em strong since the late 90s. I never stopped.

Its a Sorry-not-Sorry kind of approach. :smiley:




Wife, dog, ezup, ice chest, three bottle bar, beer for @The_Machinist, and my zero haliburton black briefcase full of gnarly throws. plus a whole Lotta Benjamin’s.
Oh and also a case of trades in the trunk.

(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #29

Dont forget baby powder or something similar

(Jacob Waugh) #30

Spray adhesive


For what? Take a resin ball man!

(Choncworth) #32

I need @Marm to school me on the upcoming CA events.

(Victorian YoYos) #33

Will try :wink::grinning:

(Jonathan Lee) #34

I bring a nice bottle of hand soap in case theres no soap or bad soap at the venue

(Victorian YoYos) #35

Ooooooooo I don’t know why’s I didn’t think of that! I’m going to have to bring soap, big bottle of water and a hand towel. When you compete and you hands get sweaty image http://www.quickmeme.com/img/e7/e70d08ebca8a576f6805dea47721f4fc8f851cdbddb38bbb44bab4c6db779d59.jpg


take at least two comp throws
and a fun throw

baby powder
cheese & bacon roll

(Jacob Waugh) #37