Pro/non-pro yoyoers bacpacks-yoyo cases-contest..

Wasn’t sure of a good title :wink:

You know when you see pro yoyoers at a contest, they almost never have a case at their side but a backpack.

Is this because they dont trade and just have 1 or 2 yoyos for the day?

Or do they somehow store yoyos in a backpack without clanging.

Curious, and I am going to a contest and would like a backpack for stuff but also a place to store yoyos without clanging.

I have around 20+ ish…

It’d probably depend on the person. I’ve got ~15 or so throws, but only ever carry two or three on me at a time, so leashes it is. Not pro by any means, though.

Most pro’s I know personally just throw them in the bottom of their bag.
How ever I have seen a bunch of them with a piece of foam with holes for the throws. Then they just stick that in the smaller pocket.

I’m not a pro, but when I attend yo-yo related events/meets, I always carry a backpack. In the backpack is usually a YYE 12 yo-yo nylon case, and a smaller YYE 4 yo-yo bag. So, I carry 2 bags within my backback. I also carry a camera, sharpies, gum, and other things I might use in the backpack. I prefer a backpack, because I don’t have to set it down (unless I want to) and potentially lose track of it. I know where my things are at all times, if they are strapped to my back, and I can have both hands free at the same time. That’s how I roll.

12 and 4? You have a large backpack…


Yes, it is larger than average. I can fit two, 12 yo-yo cases in it. :slight_smile:

my first time at worlds, i brought a 72-yoyo star case filled to the max. although i didn’t consciously think “oh i need the variety of 72 yo-yo’s” or “people will be impressed by all my cool yo-yo’s”, some combination of those two ideas was at the root of it.

well… there are thousands of yo-yo’s at worlds, and hundreds at any given contest. very few people are impressed by the yo-yo’s you have, and that’s as it should be. i don’t want to be impressive because of what i have - it’s all but meaningless. that year at worlds, i spent a lot of time hovering near that case, finally getting tired of it around day 3 when i put a couple in my pocket and left the rest in my room. it was a good experience, because it showed me that having a big collection can be a burden; it’s something for which you’re responsible. it’s fun to play all kinds of yo-yo’s, sure, but is that how you want to spend your time at a contest? thinking about your own throws?

“pro’s” are mostly just people who have spent enough time playing to know that what you can DO with one or two yo-yo’s is infinitely more significant than any collection. it’s a lesson paid for in time and effort.

i bring two or three yo-yo’s to most contests. stuff that plays consistently and that i don’t worry about handing to anybody. for me, contests are about hanging out with my friends and trading tricks (not yo-yo’s). that’s different for everybody, but i think after 5 years or so, most players tend to calm down about how special the yo-yo’s are and focus on the yo-yoing a little more (and the friendships of course). my happiest time at worlds was, i think, last year (2012) when i brought exactly one yo-yo.

This isn’t entirely true the one of the sponsored people carried around a Yoyo bag. But some of them that carried around backpacks I think just for functionality Aka the yo-yos are nearby them and they can practice there freestyle in peace.

It depends on the situation.

For many of the meets I run, I bring it all out. I’m dealing with a lot of people who are wanting to try stuff, a lot of it being the mindset of “gee, I’m gonna have to spend a lot if I want that, what if I don’t like it”. I’m not saying I’m running some sort of “public service”, but I have helped people avoid making bad decisions for themselves. This need to bring it all out has had me invest in cases to easily transport stuff around.

At CalStates and BAC, I simply won’t have the time to hang out as I’ll be busy running sound, so I will be probably taking my YYE medium bag and 8-space competition bag and a Duncan holder full of 2A yoyos. I’ll probably bring the 72-star case since I know some people will be wanting to try some stuff. I usually bring this to Nationals as well, for the same reason. However, I think this time at Nationals I’m gonna leave the 72-star case at home and just situate myself with the two smaller cases that will be in the backpack, plus some sandwiches and water. I need the backpack to carry home any new acquisitions. At CalStates and BAC, I have my truck full of audio gear, so space isn’t an issue!

When I went to YoLex today, it was just the YYE Medium bag and 8-space competition bag, with the Duncan holder with 2A yoyos in it and 4 4A yoyos. I’m only gonna bring the 72-star case out if requested. At these meets, I’m usually quite content with a Classic set up for 1A and another for 5A, a pair of loopers and a single off-string for these meets. Oh, and a DM2 on a sling holder.

When I took a road trip recently, it was the above configuration with a couple of extras in my pocket. I’m taking a vacation in 2 weeks and it will probably be the same thing.

I’m more in agreement with Ed though. You gotta be able to have fun. Don’t over-burden yourself. The less you bring, the less you have to keep track of. Keep your pockets full and your hands frree, unless you’re throwing, then by all means get a yoyo in your hand(s).

I also agree that for the most part, nobody cares what you got. In my case, I do enjoy sharing the stuff. My spending and collecting has given me a wide variety of mostly “expensive” yoyos. With so many younger kids drooling over this stuff and wanting it, I dislike the thought of them begging their parents or saving their hard earned money to buy one of these spinning metal devices and then discover “gee, I really don’t like that one.” However, if we can’t share what we have so others can try stuff out, then collecting is kind of pointless. My stuff isn’t purchased to look pretty in the carry cases.

My biggest problem is:
Gee, what is gonna be the yoyos that I will be in the mood for that day. If I choose wrong… well, better settle for what I did bring!

I agree with you. After these contests, there are tons of people running around saying they lost this or that. Whether it’s a yo-yo, an ipod or something else, people have a hard time keeping up with their stuff. The great thing about a backpack is simply that you have what you brought, and it is on your back, with your hands free. That seems the simplest reason for someone to carry a backpack, is the flexibility of carrying it close to them, and being able to use both hands. I carry my 16 in there, some to play, and some just in case I want to let a few go in a trade. But, I don’t see carrying yo-yos around as some popularity contest to attract kids and have them swarming around. I’m an adult and I chill with everyone, but I buy them for my personal enjoyment first and foremost. At the end of the day people should be happy to see you…not just the person with all the yo-yos they can use. Yo-yos cannot buy you love lol. I don’t think an adult carrying around a bunch of toys to attract kids ever looks good (unless you sell yo-yos). That’s just my opinion, so I keep it to a minimum. I bring the YYE Editions on a field trip to an event if YoyoExpert might be there to see how they are coming along. Otherwise, they are heavy, and hard to keep track of, so they end up in the trunk of my car most of the time. I never travel with everything…ever. It’s just too much to bother with…I will not use it all, and no one wants to see it all.

I can fit all my stuff in a small 12 yoyo case (new foam for more yoyos) and be fine.

I would like to carry a backpack for stuff like water/ipod/maybe string, maybe a Kendama or something.

But i hear you guys, I don’t want to be worrying about my stuff all the time when i could be chill with 1 or 2 good yoyo and use other peoples.

What ill probably do this year for N.C States (Ed ;))

Is put my small case in my backpack, use the other conpartments for other stuff, and have out one yoyo. And if i come to a friend or someone looming to try this or see that i can pull the case out, show them. And put it away and continue with my one yoyo.

Then I can set down the backpack, yoyo a tad, pick it back up and walk here or there.

Great point Ed… Its not about having your cool Supernova so everyone thinks your the best kid out there with that super rare coloway (example…)…

Thanks guys!

Usually, to anything YoYo related, I take my 2 24 cases, 1 a Duncan and 1 that is basically a YYE 24 from another store. I also have a bag of hi chew, a couple kendamas, and my pill. Most of the time at contests, you put your stuff down in a corner and just stay there for most of the time. I’ve only been to 1 contest, so this is only what I saw there.

I carry around my swiss laptop case made into a yo-yo bag. It has plenty of pockets and I’ve never lost track of it… you could always just carry 4-5 throws, not like you NEED many more.

I like my 2a 5a and 3a and 4a and 1a and so on lol!

I am going to carry my case in my backpack…

If your case has a nice long strap you can go over your shoulder with, you may not need a backpack.

imo backpacks are the best way to look like a normal person while carrying yoyos. you just take the foam thing out of a yye case and put the yoyos in that and put that in the backpack. I really gotta get me a trendy or whatever backpack for this purpose.

So your saying my foam should hold my yoyos in place and not fall out in a backpack??

By the way, those YoyoExpert sling style bags are very cool.  I think it was right on time for an alternative way to carry your throws while hands free.  I saw it in person last Friday, and it looks awesome.  For those who don’t like the look of a backpack, or carry a smaller number of things around, that might be a good choice.