What do you Like in an Organic Yoyo?

There’s been a lot of organic yoyo threads on here as of late, but here’s one more for good measure. It’s something I’ve been thinking about:

What makes some people prefer some organics in particular when it comes to play?
With competition yoyos, its pretty straight forward which ones are the best. They’re the ones that have the most power, the most stability, and can handle the longest/most taxing tricks without tilting and dying.

But of course this is not at all what organics are about. On any given organic, the power and stability are probably not going to be exceptionally good, by todays standards. They’re usually about how fun they are to play. Because what is “fun” varies so much from person to person, I suppose I’m a little surprised that some organics come out above others as “most fun”.

What do you guys think?


My opinion is there is so much more variety to choose from. With competition oriented yo-yos there can only be so many flavors of V with stainless steel rings. O shaped yo-yos can be high walled and narrow or wide and narrow in their diameter. Two examples coming to mind being the panorama and the goji respectively. Schmooth groves, undercuts, or completely minimalistic. For me, it all comes to variety.


I really like a nice bump after the response pad area so there is less friction because I am not perfect and don’t want a yoyo that is so challenging it makes me not want to pick it up. Oh, and a minimum gap of 4.6.


Mid/high walls. Yoyos like the Parlay/Sudo/Grail/Sparrow are great because of the higher walls but they have that schmoovish ring in the walls that cuts down some of the friction.

But I generally look for Organics with higher walls.


Basically this :ok_hand:

I think there needs to be a distinction between Organics with Highwalls, Stepped and or Low walls as this is a major design element. Not all Organics are created equal.


What do you look for as far as play usually? :thinking:

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I personally find any type of organic design enjoyable as long as its not overly heavy.


I just like it for the comfort aspect and the ability to play them for a long time. Specifically the ones I designed are lightweight to accomplish this even more than other organics.


That is how I feel about the Contact. It does not feel burdensome.


I like organic yoyos because the way they feel in the hand. I also want mine to be more competitive in play… the duality is an incredible bimetal organic that can handle anything you throw at it.


It really depends on my mood . I like YoYos of all shapes.

I think for me I like a good mix of rim and mid weight . I like a more balanced weight distribution.

That being said if I am learning something or cleaning up / exploring a new combo than I will most likely grab a clunky h shape until o figure it out and then hone it in on an organic


I think this video says it much better than I can.


I have been told that every adventure starts with opening the next door…

So, every time I grab a yo-yo that feels like a doorknob, I feel like I am going somewhere.

I like throwing organic shapes because when I switch over to my Wonder, Seventh Heaven, Ti Krown or DoomBot I like them even more😉

Honestly, I just feel that yo-yos shaped in general like a Markmont or Life or Kapital are more relaxing. The more ergonomic shapes make me feel like I don’t have to crank up the speed.
Since I’m not gonna impress anybody anyways, a more moderate tempo has a better flow/feel. And I seem to concentrate even more because I have less time to do whatever I’m trying to hit…

I like almost every shape of yo-yo…

Two main things I seriously don’t like: yo-yos over 68 grams and yo-yos with Sharp paint scraping edges. Like the Luftverk 000. Absolutely one of my Favorite yo-yos. <> after I machine the corners off the rims. ‘Most’ organic shapes, fortunately have reasonably ‘relieved’ edges that feel softer in the hand and softer on hard comebacks.

Here is my simple test for ‘edges’> Get a yo-yo in the palm of your hand. Squeeze it like you are trying to juice an orange for about 15/20 seconds. Now, immediately put the yo-yo down and look at your hand in good light. If you have soft indentations in your hand, that is good.

…If you have sharp creases in the palm, not a good thing.

I’ve been telling other modders and at least a few Makers for years now<> ‘If in doubt, round it out’.

If you cannot justify a performance advantage of having SHARP edge rims… then simply round (soften) the edges out. <No rocket science here.

PS… the video posted above by Upmanyu shows how organic shape suggested limitations are often limited by who is throwing the shape. When you see over the years, all the videos both Charles and Jensen have posted, it sort of shoots down what you can’t do with anything that isn’t V shaped. Lol


i like it to play different than my other organic yoyos. comfort and an ability to quickly fix mistakes, a smaller size than a standard full size, good curves and modern aesthetics… there’s more too


organic yoyos tend to have a great feeling in the hand, especially on the catch. they also react differently than other shapes when playing off-plane, or when correcting mistakes; they tend to react more early on in corrections with diminishing return as you go farther off plane to correct, where other more aggressive shapes may not react until you’ve pushed pretty far off plane.


“…especially on the catch…” This is the place organics shine for me. My mid 80 year old hands are arthritic and catching an organic allows me to want to throw it again.


For me- organic shapes tend to be a little more relaxed feeling on the string and speed. Its clicks with my vibe more and feels like you can introduce a little more style in the throw…


Personally, Iove the look of organics. Clean looking yoyos! As for play, I love the feeling of wider organics like the Atmos Goji or a/rt Furn. The wide organics have such a satisfying feeling on the catch


I love the wide organics too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’m dissapointed I missed out on the d bearing 5050, but I had already maxed out my yoyo purchases during the drops :sweat: :sweat_smile: I’m dying to try it, so i’ll have to pick one up second hand one of these days.

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