I don’t understand the love for all the “organic” throws

I gotta say, I really don’t understand the love for all the “organic” throws. Seems like they’re super popular, and with people that know what they’re talking about too. I just don’t get it yet.

It seems like they’re all very similar, and I can’t get why people love all the different models that seem to be among the most popular out there.

MMC, Grail, Diptych, Viszilla/Bape, etc. They come up all the time in the “top5” and “favorites” threads, so there’s gotta be something I’m just not seeing. But they all seem like the same rounded organic shape to me. Like almost exactly the same.

Granted, I’m into V’s as a rule of thumb, but I guess I just see a much more noticeable difference between, say, a banshee and a VTWO.

Someone plz enlighten my miniscule brain


I sort of feel that love of organics comes after having “been there, done that” with all the performance shapes and the nostalgic urge to play something not performance-oriented takes over. So yeah, it is definitely an affliction you mostly see with older and/or more experience throwers.

I’m not at the stage where I can throw pure organics without them turning off plane constantly, so I tend to stay away from them.


Once you know, you know. Ya know?

All about the feel. The designs are similar, but the feel during play, hand catch, and throw are all different and unique (to me).

They’re also less forgiving which is nice. They make you “earn” it, work for it. Like a good woman.


I don’t really feel that much of a difference between them, didn’t really care for the MMC (or the plastic version ( ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆) shush) but there have been a select few (quail for one) that really stick out to me and are really fun. The Diptych was also used to film all of Tyler Vienneau’s learning experiences, which is really cool.


Pretty much what @zslane and @Applepooh said. Organics also lend themselves well to a more laid back style of play.

Forgive the analogy, but why would you cruise low and slow in a Ferrari? They pretty much beg to be driven fast. Why would you want to race a VW bus? They are easy to roll and are just plain chill. you know? Is one arguably better than the other? Depends on what you are expecting them to do.

And different models can feel quite different from one another. for example: the MMC and Parlay are night and day different. I haven’t had the pleasure of touching an a-rt, but I know enough about yoyo design to know that even though they mostly look the same, they each play very different.


I’m by no means an experienced or high level performer, but I love organics. I love how they feel in the hand, and I love to catch them. I also discovered that after you get used to them, you don’t sacrifice as much performance as it seems you do at first. I also love playing with every other shape out there. Variety is the spice of life!


I was on the V shape team for a while - I think stepped organic is my favorite. Just handles regens so well and it doesn’t bite your palm the same way a V does.


Thanks for all the responses y’all.

I appreciate you guys trying to show me the ligbt, but unfortunately I think I’m still stuck in the dark for now. One day…

Lol but seriously- I can understand what you guys are saying about why organics are appealing. I get the challenge, comfort, nostalgia, and everything else that makes them appealing.

I guess the thing I’m still just confused by is that they all seem so similar to one another. I mean sure, there’s some variation in diameter, width, and weight, but even these differences seem pretty slight. They’re all about “normal sized”. But the shapes seem to be all the same rounded butterly.

I mean a lot of the throws I’m liking so far could be considered similar, but like I said, my Banshee, to my VTWO, to my Akita, to my Knight&Gale are all distinctly different. And not just in “they look the same but have totally different feels”. Like you can look at the cups, and especially the profiles and tell that they’re going to be distinctly different throws.

A lot of these holy Grail type organic throws that are coveted so much just appear way too similar to seem worth shelling out 100 bucks a pop to me


Who knows, maybe someday you’ll understand the hype? And if not? I’m pretty sure that’s okay too.


Ya totally. I’m not losing any sleep over it I promise. Nor do I feel any better or worse than those who prefer organics

I guess I’m just trying to engage in conversation about various aspects of yoyos, as I believe is the point of this place


Some of them are similar. Some of them are different. A lot of the organics now aren’t “true organic”. Most of them have that little step (think mmc). I really enjoy older organics that have that really high wall because they’re unforgiving, tilt often, and feel unique. Some of my favs are the Hatrick, wooly marmot, bassalope (mine in particular is super high walled because it’s modded), and the 07 888


There’s also another thing to consider. There aren’t very many manufacturers making good quality organic yoyos in Surplus. That alone kind of contributes to the covetousness of them in the current market.

For people who like Organics, they either have to pay a lot of money for an organic yoyo from a smaller company or hunt the BST for those rare gyms like antiyos and stuff.

Organic yoyos aren’t “in” or meta, so the biggest demand is from people who actually like them which is kind of a minority.


I look forward to the day when I’m so good at this that I have to turn to unforgiving yoyos that tilt often just to make it interesting/satisfying for myself.


Jeeze that makes us sound like depraved addicts when you put it that way…


Just makes it a different experience. I’ve been playing delrins more than metals recently, and out of my metals the edge monster has definitely received the most playtime this year because of how it feels. Just depends on what you’re feeling

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You don’t throw an organic because it performs poorly. They feel great to use. Wide non organic rim weighted yoyos tend to feel a bit yuck to use compared to organics.


What I enjoy so much about organics is the feel (yeah I know that doesn’t sound very specific). I have three OD O shaped yoyos and they all feel very different from one another, they are all set up with the standard OD flat bearings. I’m not a great yoyo player at all but I like how they make me improve my accuracy and what not.


Try a life. If you don’t like it you’re never going to like an organic lol


I don’t understand why it keeps being stated that all organics are the same. That’s crazy talk. You could say all Vs are the same, again crazy talk.

When we, those who do love organics, say organic we are talking about such a range of rounded or O shapes. There are so many different diameters, widths, gaps, steps, radius of curves, rim shape and weight, ect. They all feel and play differently.

As a bit of a disclaimer, I have many different shapes and play with all of them. I do however lime organic shapes, or rounded with a more prominent O shape to be more accurate.

Also I think it was mentioned that the Akita was a rounded V. Not at all.


Speaking of the Life, when are you doing the drop?

Lets say I don’t get a life. Im just a pleb who likes yoyos. What’s the best offering out there that is readily available?