Organic throws to "Outdated"?

Hey guys I was just thinking about something and was wondering. Is it possible to make a Organic shaped throw that can truly compete with all these modern designs by companies like CLYW,One Drop General Yo ect.? Yes I know there are tons of good organic throws that can easily be used to win a contest. I was just wondering why they seemed to have disappeared? When almost every throw out there used to be Organicly shaped. Just wondering yell at me all you want.

Cascade is organic.

So is the albatross

Ricochet is a pretty organic shape. The Anglam and Angle are both classic butterfly shape.



I’ve got to say, the Torrent II is a pretty recent yoyo with a very traditionally organic shape. I think it can perform just as well as anything else while still being supremely comfortable and tons of fun to throw.

I do agree that traditional organic yoyos are fading from production, but there are still plenty to be had. I say give it time. Most things happen in cycles with yoyos, so we’ll likely see more organic and traditionally shaped yoyos coming within a year or two once the consumer gets tired of sharp, ultra-wide-gapped, competition throws.

There are a few pretty banger current classic shaped yoyos (though the sOMEThING examples are more drastic shape than classic). Drastic shapes are common because of this “competition style” play and design trend going on.

Also, because there’s a huge wave of designs that need to look different than any other existing models to justify it existing, as opposed to, y’know, how they play.

I dunno, Yuki. Anglam and Angle are pretty much “V” with a bit of curve to them. Something much rounder in the catch zone is what I think of for “organic”. I suck at current examples, but the Kyo DNS is a good one.

Let me rephrase organic. Im talking about throws more in the profile of a Torrent 5 Star Peak 888 that are classicly shaped.

Most companies have organic throws in their repertoire, and new ones are being manufactured all the time, like the SPYY Orbitron 5000. Innovation is necessary for companies to stay in the game and make money. It doesn’t necessarily mean these new throws are better, or that organic ones are outdated. Every throw has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I don’t think they will ever be outdated.

cont. from previous thought.

I’m of the mind that lots of current designs are focusing too much on being different and wild looking than actually refining them to just play well. Crucial is my most apparent example of this kind of design; all of them just look slapped together to be unique and not much else.

I’m glad that there are still companies putting out classic shapes, or at least organic ones. It’s especially pleasant when they can reinforce that “old” or “simple” shapes don’t play bland by any stretch of the definition.

I freaking love my organic throws… I throw my organic General Yo’s all the time (5 Star, Hatrick, Essence). They play just as good as my competition throws.

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Zen. Bro.

You need to try an Essence.

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I wish! Only problem is I have no money and I live in Iowa where no one my age throws. Right now YYF DNA is my favorite Organic/classic shaped throw super smooth super floaty. I regret trading mine. Anybody have recommendations similar to a DNA?

Lol, where in Iowa do you live. I live in Nebraska

Also, DNA is a nice shape. Based on how I liked it, you’d love the Essence.

Dude … G2 Triton is organic, sexy, and competition ready. Get at it!!

Iowa city :stuck_out_tongue: and the essence look perfect for me… So does the Hatrick and 5* but I’m probably not be able to get another throw for a WHILE because money is tight so I guess I’ll be waiting.

i’m not sure you guys understand ‘organic’.


(and no. not outdated.)


Organic simply means curvy, not classic butterfly shape. The cascade is organic. The word does not mean what you think it means.

So it doesn’t mean they were made with 100% recycled aluminum?

Also not treated with growth hormones, GMO and pesticide free :wink: