Organic throws to "Outdated"?

As long as the triton is free of all that i want to pick one up sometime

I wouldn’t call the triton organic because of the dip right after the response system. I don’t think organic throws are outdated. Just out of demand. I would hope some new classic shaped throws would come soon, at least thats what I’m holdin out for…

Whooooaaaaaa maaaaan, organic is good bro!

I mean whoooooaaaaaaa!

Canvas, nuff said.


Semantics are funny that way. I think many of us understand the word “organic” in the general sense of the word, which implies curves as you say. But in terms of yoyoing, I have always seen “organic” used overtly to describe one particular shape. A wider classic butterfly.

It’s another categorization of shape, along with V-shaped, H-shaped, and whatever you want to call the Lesula’s shape.

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Just because something has organic lines does not mean it is an “organic”-shaped throw. :wink: Take a V, curve it slightly and make sure the rims don’t have sharp edges (more curves) and it’s still a V. Take an H and round it off a bunch (Sakura?) and it’s still an H.

This is the way it has always been presented to me at least. Like I say, semantics are funny.

Well thanks for explaining what it is ::slight_smile:

Must be one of those “if you have to ask you’ll never know” subjects

I can’t tell who’s being sarcastic anymore, so I’ll just play dumb: he was pointing at his wooden fixed-axle yoyo in his profile sidebar. That’s pretty organic. :wink:

Ohhhh… I’m on the phone internet so it doesn’t line up at all. Honestly i barely pay attention to the left column stating the user name and avatar and all that (when I’m on my phone, i zoom in till all that is out of view lol). My bad ed, you know i respect the heck outta you lol

I guess he was joking about material. Sorry whenever i hear organic inn the yoyo sense i automatically assume shape so i yeah my bad :frowning:

If organic means; something with primarily more natural lines and curves. No angles and edges. Perfect example of non- organic the ILYY NOCTU.
But for organic shapes there are lots of great yoyos out there.
G2 Albatross and Triton
MFD Gelada a very under appreciated throw.
YYF Ricochet
OD Cascade
CLYW Canvas
Duncan And YYF have some choices
General Yo Majesty
I lean toward a more ‘organic’ shape too, I find no shortage of choices.
As is always the case opinions vary… Drastically


The General Yo Majesty is a competion yoyo- it doesn’t have that much of an organic shape. A better example of an organic General Yo would be a Torrent, 5 Star, or Hatrick.

I’m confused by this. Have you thrown a crucial lately?
Paul definitely has more out there shapes with all these ridges and such, but I’ve never had a crucial yoyo that was anything but extraordinary. My beat to heck delicious is still one of the smoothest, most stable yoyos I have, my b grade a la mode plays great and is smoother than a lot of a grade throws from other companies, and the milkshake is easily the best offstring yoyo I’ve ever thrown. Whenever I see one of those “underrated/underhyped yoyo” threads, crucials are usually mentioned several times.

Aren’t horizontal tricks the biggest reason for classic shapes being less popular now? In and out of competition? I assume that’s 90% of what everyone meant when they were talking about competition style play.

This sounds totally reasonable to me. Organic shapes sure do not help horizontal play.

Huh, I always thought my Majesty had more of an organic shape.

Guess it’s all opinion.

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No really, what do you mean?

yeah, it was a joke, playing on the inherently vague nature of the word “organic”. like, it’s made of wood… which comes from a tree, which is a carbon-based organism. it wasn’t actually funny, even if it did line up.

I still apologize. I assumed the arrow was supposed to point at the text in the parentheses haha

Honestly, organic throws should mean Wooden or what have you. Organic Shape doesn’t really even make much sense?

Those are also good examples helping illustrate my point that there are choices. But I’m sticking with my opinion that the Majesty is organic. Lots of nice curves.
Also I was trying to offer new releases, because I wanted to mention the 54 but that’s been around. Great everyday throw.

Yo man the Hatrick was the best organic throw out there. Also, the Addiction, E1NS, Anti-Yos, … Countless amounts of organic throws. It isn’t about the spin times, it is about the comfortability in the hands and stuff.

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I don’t think organic/classic shapes are a hindrance to spin time at all anyways. You can still put the weight any distance you’d like from the axis of spin. Plus tilt control and string rejections are easier. And I can’t agree more about the comfort. Or comfortability if you will :slight_smile: