Organic Throws?


I have been really digging more organic/classic shapes, like the ministar and dm2. I’m wondering what you would suggest for me. Money is no object, because I’ll save up enough eventually. Size doesn’t matter. As long as the yoyo isn’t slow, I’m fine.


Give the capless a go. Very simple, with an amazing price. If you can get you’re hands on a majesty you would love the shape. Good luck!


G squared triton or albatross. Both really amazing throws.


Duncan has the momentum and I think the mayhem is organic.

ILYY has a lot of organic throws like the 2WEI.

The Flow by spin dynamics and the triton by g^2 are 2 organic throws that have been recently released.

If your willing to spend 200 the ricochet for yoyofactory is also a nice organic throw.



I highly recommend the DNA. It was really designed and executed well. Super comfy, full-sized, luxurious.

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Organic is my fav. These are the ones I would suggest.


54 is an awesome organic design same with the Albatross. The Triton is more of a cross between organic and industrial. BvM2 is smooth as well. One that has not been mentioned yet is the Cascade. It has a nice hour glass figure, Marilyn Monroe in yo-yo form. ;D


The Spyy addiction too!


I second this. The DNA is one of my favorite throws ever. Unfortunately I traded mine away :stuck_out_tongue:
But its super comfy full sized and very floaty :slight_smile:


How do the Addiction, Capless, and 54 compare? These are the ones that I am interested in.


Addiction is one baaaaaaaaaaad lookin throw.

(By bad I mean… bad@$$)

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Can’t believe no one has mentioned the Essence yet. It’s by far the best organic shaped yoyo money can buy… see if you can find one on the BST!


I think I’m gonna go for the addiction.


Just wanted to throw one of the older 888’s or oxy 4 are very fun organic throws

Any difeyo fits the organic shape along with the illy e1ns/2wei and cyyc bulldog


Even though the Punchline isn’t that organic, how does it compare to the Addiction?


Punchline is “organic” in the broad sense of the word. Super organic! Comfiest throw ever!

Mostly poking my nose in because I’m curious about the answer, too: how does the Addiction compare to the Punchline? :wink:


The OG Punchlines feel very similar to the Addiction, imo. I feel like my Punchline spins longer* and is more stable than my Addiction, but just slightly so. Both feel really comfortable in my hand. Both play great. Just go with the one that makes you happy.

The Punchline Repeater is 2.5 grams heavier than the Addiction. So you’ll definitely feel the extra weight with those. It’s just a matter of preference, though. The Repeater plays great as well.

edit: *I meant that stronger spins are easier, and seem to hold longer. …but eh, what do I know… I’m not a physicist, and this was not a controlled experiment. :stuck_out_tongue:


YYJ H3X, it flows so well and is just a great throw


All of the suggestions have been great so far. Of the organic throws I’ve played:

Mutant DNA
Electric Daisy

Are all amazing.