Organic throw list


So I’m in the market for a super smooth, super curvy, organic shaped throw. I’d prefer to avoid “hybrids.” Large gap is preferable.
Also grindable finish and large (diameter) is what I’m looking for, though I can settle for medium sized diameter too.

Edit: I’d prefer rounded rims as opposed to any sharp angles. Also no steps in the catch zone and rims.

So far the only “ideal” candidate I can think of is a bapezilla 2, though it is a bit small.

I think the puffin 2 comes close As well.

Any suggestions and personal recommendations would be appreciated. (don’t want a benchmark O btw)


Quantum and Gelada come to mind


Od 54 is Awsome


That quantum definately looks nice. If I had to nit pick it would be that angle change towards the outer area of the catch zone. Cheaper than a bape and larger too.


I recommend a General Yo hatrick. It’s a bit undersized, but it’s a great organic throw!


I am looking at the OD Benchmark Organic.


What about the Onedrop Benchmark O?

Organic by name, organic by nature. Decently priced too. :slight_smile:

Edit: SNIPED! Well played Hobbyman101…


To be honest k really like the benchmark O (and all one drop throws) but I already have the V and while I like the feel of it, I was wanting to try something with a tad more weight to it . Also I want to vary my collection a bit and give other companies a try




Maybe an 888, or a c3 halo. Oh, and there’s anything by difeyo.

(G2 Jake) #11

The list is huge so I’ll just list the ones I like off the top of my head.

Ilyy Lio

(Jerrod) #12


(Owen) #13

You guys are gonna love the colors we’re doing on it :slight_smile:


You can always get a DNA off the bst. They’re pretty cheap used and a nice throw


All Ilyy except the Noctu, Phase, Nile, Pybit and Enigma.


Thanks for all the suggestions. Looking up alot of these throws.

I didn’t note it before but I’d prefer throws with rounded rims, hubs , and cup areas. Minimal sharp angles and no steps in the catch zone and rim area.

Going for super curvy throws here.


Sounds like you need an H20 or Oxy 4



(Bína) #19

What about Yoyofficer Crayon? It’s also really rounded in profile.

(Zammy Ickler ) #20

Anti-yo: Bapezilla, Viszilla, Bapezilla 2, Eesit, The End, Ywet

Russel Andert: Dert, Sili-dert, Eli-dirt, baby-dert,

Cold Metal: Minigor

Vulto: Saga

Shinwoo: Techno, Zan-navi

Superyo: Renegade

Spintastic: Tigershark, Great white Shark, Eclipse,

Duncan: freehand 1, hyper, zero,MG, Metal freehand zero, Metal Drifter, Freehand 2, Mayhem, Buterfly, Butterfly XT, Raptor, dragonfly, Throw-monkey,

Team losi: Cherry Bomb/A-line/Chrome

Spyy: Addiction, Skyychaser, Pure, Flying V, radian super light, Orbitron 5000, Radian, Spyder, Spyder 2,

Playmaxx Pre-Duncan: Bumble bee Gt, Stunt Pilot proyo gt, profire gt,

Yoyofactory: 888, Skyline, Dna, 44, Ricochet, plastic grind machine, Tactic, Counter-attack, grind monster, grind machine, velocity, fast 201k, spinstar, Precedent, Speeddial, 401k, 301k, Grind mutant, Grind master, pocket change, One, California, Equilateral, Roll Model,


Yoyojam: Bolt, Projam, Journey, Patriot, Phatfaktor, Big Ben, Dragon Jam, Kickside, Hitman, Lynfury, hitmanx, hitmanpro, B de B Freestyle, Spinmaster 1, Black knight, Black Nova, Clessiah, Dj, hybrid hitman, Super Spinfaktor, Mega Spinfaktor, Mini-Motrixx, Mini-motu, NightMoves 1-4, Sigma Blade, Spinfaktor 2, Speeder, Spinfaktor HG/Extra, Axiom, Revolution, Surge,

Kyo: Phi, Phi 1.618, Senza Nome, Metal Worlds Freehand, Immortalis, Immortalis 2, Alph, Kyotu,

Werrd: TFL, 4XL, Paquio,

Gsquared: Albatross, Triton,

3yo3: Bassline, Bassline 2,

Yomega: Raider, Brain/X-brain/Power, Fireball, powerspin, Strobe-yo, Crossfire, Hot-shot, Maverick, Dash,

Onedrop: Sovereign, Benchmark O, 54

CLYW: Canvas, Peak, Marmot, Marmot 2, Sasquatch, Gnarwhal,

String Theory: Bandit, Orion,

Monkeyfinger: Ape-x, Gelada,

ILYY: Lio,

General Yo: Torrent, Hatrick, Essence, Majesty,

Matt Schmidt: Underdog,

RadioActiv: Fission,


Sasha: Metal Hitman

Whimsyyoyos: Pokerface

This of course is just my opinion and can differ from others. Hope this list can help people out.