Is there any technical advantage on making organic shaped yoyos?

As the title said, is there any technical advantage organic shaped yoyos have over other designs? Besides aesthetics and preferences, is there any technical (physics) advantage?
Also, I wonder why (as far as I know) Japanese designers don´t design any yoyo with organic shape, while western ones still making them.

In my opinions, it’s because Japanese manufacturers(and same can be said for Chinese manufacturers) try to make their yo-yos performe as good as possible and competition ready. And organic shape is not good for that.

Western companies still makes them, because there is part of market looking for this old school flavor, “feel good” organic yo-yos, that are willing to sacrifice total performance of the yo-yo. Some companies are focusing just on this part of market, for example Anti-yo.

The shape of the any miroc looks pretty good, but no one makes yoyos with that shape now.
Same to a lesser exlent can be said with difeyos.

Nope but they are sure Fun to play with! I especially like my torrent2 that high walled organic shape just feels so nice I your hand!

There is no real advantage or disadvantage to being organic.

Many organic yoyos have high walls, which makes them less stable, but I think high walls also have an advantage.
I think high walls allow you to use less material to get out to the rim, and thus have more rotational inertia, but the high wall destroys any stability that the extra inertia would give you.

I think a lot of people see organic as just one radius when some yoyos like the wooly marmot 2 for example is 4 different ‘V’ angles rounded off at the edges between each one

There’s not really any advantage from a performance standpoint. However, organic shapes have several other advantages to me, and anybody else that isn’t focused on having the absolute best performance capabilities.

V and H shaped throws are much more stable, and have much lower walls, so they’re arguably better for performing. They’re also wayyy better at horizontal play.

But organics generally are much more comfortable to hold, throw, and catch. They also have the “old school” aesthetic appeal that hearkens back to the first butterfly shaped yoyos. In general, I find them much more laid back to throw with, and since I’m not focused on absolute performance, they speak much more to me than any other shape. I’m just looking to have fun and relax when I throw, not push my throws and skills to the limits of performance. So the feel in hand and aesthetics appeal to me much more than V or H shapes.

All you need is a few cut steps to make an organic shape play like a v shape.

The Square Wheels Nomad is a killer for performance. I would not necessarily want to use it as a horizontal player, though. But that’s about it.

There’s definitely no technical “advantage”… just a comfort advantage. :wink: But most of the disadvantages can be mitigated.

Btw I’m happy to see a Japanese in this forum, it’s very rare really…

Performance-oriented yoyos all seem to play similarly. There’s not a lot of wiggle room within the confines of perfection.

Organic throws have that laid back feel. Like an old shirt or kicks that are broken in just right. Less forgiving and harder to land some tricks or layer the string more than a few times.

Coffeeit nailed it, people like organic shapes because they are comfortable to hold, fun to play with and fun to play in a laid back setting. its more the throw you bring along with you everywhere rather than the throw you compete with, a lot of people like an organic shaped throw as their daioy go to or bring with them throw. there is no advantage that i can see 5o go with an 9rganic shaoed throw 9ther than 'omfort though