"What, do you just sit in your room all day yoyoing??"

No! i stand moron. I dont know how many of you get this question, but i was thinking and i realized, when i could be watching tv or playing video games im yoyoing. so what i say in response is “when youre sitting in front of the tv im yoyoing and can your tv do this?” insert yoyo trick here How many of you get asked this?

A lot.

When someone says this, just brush it off. Their small mind isn’t worth your time.

Well, it doesn’t help that when I yoyo, I’m usually out and about. So I guess no, I’ve never been asked that question.

I’d rather spend time yoyoing than playing video games. But I don’t get to spend that much time at either activity these days. At least the yoyo doesn’t need batteries or to monopolize the TV. It does need strings, and strings I have plenty of!

I wish I had time to stand there and yoyo all day.

"If I’m not petting my pet anaconda, I’m yoyoing.

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I just tell them I’m an avid cyclist as well. If it’s a sport that’s more physically demanding, they don’t seem to think it’s “lame”.

I tell them “yup how did you know?!!?!?!”



I havent been asked this but when the time comes the response will be “My room is in my mom’s basement, so yeah i do yoyo in my room all day”