What do spectators say about your yo-yoing? What are their comments?

For me:
“You should enter the talent show!”
“That’s impossible”
“Can you walk the dog?” <---- BLARGH
“Is it still spinning?”
“What is that?”
“That’s insane?”
“How did you learn this?”

The list goes on and on…


“Lemme try”
“Why would you spend so much money on a yoyo?”

(M.DeV1) #3

Is that a “special” yoyo?

I get that so much!


Oh, I remember this one time, some guy watching me was like ‘that’s not an actual yoyo. It’s special.’ He was an adult too. :stuck_out_tongue:


them- “can you… walk the dog”
me-“why yes let me just finish this super advanced trick”
I also get
“is yoyoing like a sport nowadays”,
“are you like the best yoyoer ever”(to this I’m forced to reply no), etc.,etc.


I always get asked “is that a trick yoyo?” And I just say “no” or “what do you mean?” It is really annoying.


‘is that a duncan?’
‘woah, is that magic?’
‘Can you… walk the dog?’ I just say sure, and grind up my arm lol
‘Is that, art’?
‘How long does it spin?’
‘180 bucks into a yoyo, what are your parents thinking?’ >.<
‘I see you’re good with your hands?’ Girls these days… Disappointing

Thats enough for now…lol


Im not opposed
“Is it still spinning?”


Yeah, poor girls these days.


Can you walk the dog?
How much is that?
Why is there a yoyo hanging on your pants?
Too much time on your hands.
Is that a trick yoyo?
Is that a special yoyo?
It that a weapon or a toy??


I’ve gooten pretty much all of these on here, but I’d like to add:

“How long have you been yoyoing?”
“Are there contests for that?”
“How often do you change the string?”
“But it’s not a yoyo… It doesn’t come back up.”
“Does it hurt your hand when you catch it?”
“Have you ever gotten injured?”
(After someone asks me to walk the dog and I do a grind) “Can you do it on the ground?”

The last one is my personal favorite.


“WOW” ;D
“why would you waste money on a stupid toy?” :’(

more to come.