Things People Say When You Yo-Yo in Public

Just things that people say about yoyoing to you! I’ll start.
“Is that a diablo?”

“is that a real yoyo”
“that’s really cool”
“is that a special yoyo”
" can I try"

“is that a duncan?”
“i used to have a yoyo”
“I haven’t seen one of those in ages”
“duncan duncan duncan duncan duncan duncan duncan, and oh yeah, duncan”
“how do you do that?”
“how does it spin for so long!??!!?”
“how do you know all these tricks!?”
“show off”
“there are brands other than duncan!?”

“Can you walk the dog?”
“That looks so like a diablo!”
“That looks so cool!”
“How is that?” (pointing at the sleeping yo yo)

how on earth people know so much about diabolos and nothing about yoyos? I had no idea what a diabolo was until I actually started to play yoyo and looked it up because someone told me about it.

Wow! Walk the dog!
Is that a NED? (no way!)
Is that a Chinese yoyo?
How do you do all of that?

“why does it make that noise”
“thats awesome”

“Is it magic?”
“Are you a magician?”
“Can you also do magic tricks?”
“Start a circus!”
“Why is it still spinning? Is it still magic?”
“Duncan Duncan Duncan Duncan Duncan Duncan.”
“Was that like $10?”
“How is it so magical?”

I know right, I would’ve thought that yo-yo’s were more popular that diabolo’s…

“can you juggle?”
I got that one a lot

Is that electronic?
Back in my day we only had metal yoyos.

“That’s sick”

Yeah… For the first time since I started, I got the “is it electronic question?”.
I also got the “Jeremy Lin of Yo-Yoing comment”

“Get a job, hippy.”

You should come back to Boston with us (My crazy aunt)

Back in my day they were made of wood and wouldn’t stay down for that lon.
That cost you how much?!
I can do that.

“I bet I can do that”
“Show off”
“You have too much time on your hands”
“I used to yoyo. Then I got an arrow to the knee”
“I used to yoyo. Then I got a yoyo to the face”
“I used to yoyo. Then I got a yoyo to the (insert body part)”
“I have mixed feelings about this”
“Hey you’re cheating, it’s not a real yoyo”

And then when you let them use it,
*examines knot and tries to put finger in it, “Why is your finger so small?”
“I’m better than you see?”
"Why won’t it go back up?
“My trick was better.”
“Can I keep it?”
“I’ll give you five bucks for it.”

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these. Nobody can believe how much they cost… yet they want to try.

“You cheater! That must be some magic yoyo or something! You loser.”