What do you guys think about OD benchmark W

Hello guys, i’ve been throwing my silicone recessed FHZ for a while and getting very bored of changing the silicone every week, more or less. In addition, I know that sometime i’ll need to change my old friend for something better. I don’t have enough quality on tricks to define my style, but i know where i want to get, a chiller, artistic/plastic style rather than a fast style/competition style. Reading some reviews I saw that OD x CLYW Summit is a great yoyo for my purposes, but I live in Brazil and it’s very expensive to grab such a yoyo compared to my skill, so i take one more look for something cheaper and saw the Benchmark W. Is that a good yoyo? Can I use snow tires on it or i need to use silicone (planning to buy some smonkey snots too) like my FHZ? Sorry for long post or poor english, I tried my best to keep it easy and clean to read.

The Benchmark W is a great shape. My personal favorite is the Benchmark V but the W gives you that sweet spot in performance between the V and the H.

I think all of the benchmark shapes look amazing. I like the W shape the best personally because it reminds me of my Onestar I started with. O shapes are super comfortable, the V has a nice catch zone, and the H should have great stability(though they all should). Pick up some side effects to so you can change the weight to what you like.