Benchmark V vs YYF Aluminum Dream


I’ve been looking at these 2 V shape throws for a while: One Drop Benchmark V and the Yoyofactory Aluminum Dream. They’re pretty close in weight, 2 different types of bearings, one drop is a couple dollars more. Which one do you prefer and why?



I’ve played both, the Aluminium Dream and Benchmark V (2015 version). While both are nice yoyos, I tend to lean toward the Benchmark, if only because of the side effects. While some may think this is ‘gimmicky’, I like the ability to change the weight of the yoyo to experiment with what I like. Certainly, side effects only change the center weight, and therefore the ratio of rim weight to center weight, but, it still allows for exploration.

On a different note, I think the Benchmark yoyos have the pyramatte finish while the Dream is blasted and anodized. My inclination is that in general, the finish on One Drop products is excellent, and, in general, the finish on YYF products is very good. I know some review writers talk about pyramatte being tough to grind in the humidity.

Finally, One Drop is made in the USA, the Al Dream is made overseas. I don’t know if this should affect your decision, there are plenty of excellent yoyos made outside of Oregon. Both YYF and OD have great reputations, both have great teams full of great players, both have reputation for taking care of any issues (as does YoYoExpert). I don’t think there is a right or wrong choice here. While the tinkerer in me would lean toward the Benchmark, the reality is you need to buy some side effects before you can tinker (the yoyo does come with a set installed). It is up to you to decide if you like the Benchmark ~$12 more than the Dream.


Personally, I prefer the Aluminum Dream, but it’s all preference.