OD Benchmark V or C3 Level 6?

Hello, I’ve been looking around for the past week for my first competition-level yoyo. Based on my preferences, I’ve narrowed it down to these two yoyos: OD Benchmark V and C3 Level 6. From what I’ve seen, these both are very good quality yoyos that will be able to preform well for a long time. For any owners of either (or both) of these yoyos, what makes you prefer yours over the other?

Both are top notch in their price range. Honestly you’d be safe getting whichever one you like better. They’re all really nice.

(I would go with the Benchmark V because of USA made and Side effects though, but that’s just my opinion) :wink:

I would go for level 6, because it is very solid, fast, and can handle aggressive plays no problem. I also have a OD Benchmark H.