What do you guys say when someone asks you "Is that a trick yoyo?"

Please be serious. Also, what do you say in reply to other common questions? What questions do you get from bystanders?

I say, “yes,” because it is.

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I say yes, but all yoyos are trick yoyos. Then normally go on too explain what string tricks are, and if they are still interested open up my yoyo and show them how the insides have changed.
Often send them here too buy a yoyo after that.
I get a lot of people asking me if it is in fact a yoyo, because I do freehand mostly.
I take this chance to chat with them about yoyos and the different styles of yoyoing, sometimes go into the change’s yoyos have went through.
When I had a club I would invite them too the next meeting, and/or give them a card with the meeting info.


Yes it is, but it’s an advanced yoyo. Takes some practice but I bet you that you can land all of these tricks too.

They usually reply “no way” and I talk to them if they want to hear it more, ofte. They check out after that… Sadly…

When I have a wood fixed they just look in amazement and rarely start conversation.

no one has asked me that (dammit!).

I say “yes it is!” and I go on explaining the world of modern yoyo in the hopes that one day they will try yoyoing for themselves.

i say yes. but honestly, around Kansas (or anywhere for that matter) i get more of “what is that?” than “is that a trick yoyo?”

I have gotten this question only a few times most people rarely take time to stop and talk… and some people don’t even care because they think its a waste of time (just look at how many hours they spend on candy crush). The first time i was taken back because i had only been yoyoing for a short time. I said no its a ball bearing yoyo. When i said that they got a blank look on their face and just walked away confused by what i had just said. The next time i was prepared, They asked the question and i replied " yes it is, its a fun take on the classic yoyo that allows for longer spins letting more tricks be done."

if someone asks you just tell them that its a trick yoyo and that if they just try it they will can get it. tell them how fun of a past time it is and how it lets them be creative and forge their own style and play. Give them the name of this site and let them know that they can find you on the forum if they should choose to join, and you can keep up with them and help them. It hasn’t worked yet for me, but someday it might…

One time, a few skaters went near and saw me, so when I told them it had bearings they immediately understood and were like cool bro. One even explained what a bearing is to the non-knowing people that asked me at about the same time haha. Let someone try my then responsive classic.

Now if they want to try i just fail a gt knot or a different one that allows it to still be playable and being responsive :smiley:

I also say yoyoing is more modern that people think and stuff when bystanders ask me stuff. Mostly they just say that’s cool and i just say thanks. Many of the people that have asked me did know what a bearing was so its been a piece of cake haha

i say yes. Then i go on saying its really fancy cause i has a ball bearing in it then they’re like :o

I say, “what other kind of yoyo would it be?”

I think if someone asked if your throw is a “trick yo-yo” they’re probably thinking it is some kind of illusion or gimmick rather than really doing what it looks like. Hidden electric motor or something. :slight_smile:

I say: “kind of”, then I explain to them that it has ball bearings and that is why it spins and I can do those tricks on it. Also, when I get them to try they say it is broken because they cannot get it to come up lol

I get more of “Cheater Yoyo” lol