What do you get for winning 1st place in 1A at Worlds?


I looked on their site, but there is no mention of what the prizes are for winning worlds. I was wondering if anybody knows what the prizes are for the 1A division. Everybody has to pay to participate or just to get in from what I read, so I’m assuming part of the prize is cash.


It’s a cash prize. You also get a medal or trophy.
It usually doesn’t even cover the expenses of the winner though.


In the words of Brian Spilner from The Fast and The Furious,

“If I win, I get the money, and the respect. To some people that’s more important.”

I think the pride and excitement of knowing that you had won Worlds would far outweigh any prizes.


To get that money kid.

  • Jensen Kimmit


An ugly looking trophy.

To be serious, I believe they get $1000 or $2000 cash money. But considering how expensive the hotel and airfare is, like Studio42 said, it doesn’t even cover the expenses. Not a single bit.

So for the most part, winning Worlds gives you bragging rights.

I’m sure it’ll be a lot better when Worlds hits Prague and Tokyo. As in…winners can actually keep the money they receive for winning the contest.


Why would the prize money increase when the country changes?

And yeah if it’s 1-2k that totally covers expenses for most people. I live in Canada and it’s a $350 flight round trip if you buy in advance and don’t mind awkward times. Hotel’s another 300 or so, event’s 50. Rounding up for error, I coulda gone for $800.

Realistically more like 1200+, since YOYOS =D____


He’s saying the winners are usually Asian (Japanese, Chinese, etc.) so if it in their home country it won’t cost as much to go, so they can keep more of the money