Yoyos on Yahoo


I was just on yahoo, and I saw this on the scrolling tab. It’s not often yoyos are on yahoo, or elsewhere


Only $300 prize? He probably paid more for his ticket to orlando.


I think yyf might pay for their ticket and entry fee. not sure though
but yeah, yoyoing isn’t a career, it’s a hobby. lol


Lol @ the first comment in the link.


Maybe it’s a spobby (sport+hobby). But thats sad $300. I expected at least 5 g’s.


I know right? You get more from winning Cal States and Bay Area Classic. Then again, having a title of being the best in the world would seem more satisfying then a cash prize that low. Compensation?


Master roshi won 500,000 zennie and the 21st world martial arts tournament!.. (yea! Dragonball!)