what do you do about unknowing freinds...

anyone hate it when you are carrying (insert an expenisve yoyo here),
someone asks how much it costs, and you say “i dunno!” then your nublet freind says, “120 bucks”.
and then you have to take him aside and tell him never tell the price… there are bad people in this


No friends, problem solved.


i just tell them my yoyo is 130$. big whoop

Tell the one you’re talking to that your friend is kidding.

And it’s incredibly important to hide the price of your yoyos why?

Fear of getting mugged or getting it stolen is my guess.
Because it sound like your wasting your money on something useless haha.

Iv been told the 2nd one. My response: Your just jealous i can afford it.
Works like a charm lol.

at my school, there is like 20 fights a day, stealing, drugs, other illegal activity. for example, would you walk into a bar and say, “Hey! this thing cost me 130 bucks! Be envious!” in all likelyness, you will get mugged. my dm2 was stolen off my teachers desk… (i have a thread on annother forum bout it, it is called i need more than 1 of the same color i think) all because of that kid…